“Our Father”

I know this is a little dated, but I do love the truths in it. I post this with the thoughts that you really need to hear this right now. I love those first 2 words of the Lord’s prayer. “Our Father”. He is our loving father, regardless of your father wounds, disappointments, or experiences. He is a perfect loving Father, loving us without condition, for no reasons we could give Him, and no life we could live. He just loves us. BEcause of that we are significant, valuable, treasured, and valid. May you know that today.

5 thoughts on ““Our Father”

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  1. I TOO, CHERISH THOSE IMPORTANT WORDS. I have been talking to Him lately more often than not. I know these truths, but this year has me questing my worth. I know He loves me, but still I ask and ask again.

  2. Praying “The Lord’s Prayer “ since I was a small child and Feeling Closer to Him after Accepting The Lord 3-16-76 still Praying it! And Feel His Love, Mercy, Peace, Joy and Grace Every day!

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