The Sickness of Self

We live in a world where self is god, and our feelings are first.  At times, it seems everyone is consumed with self. Their health, appearance, clothes, hair, and so on.  People mostly resist correction, spiritual direction, and no one likes it when it is pointed out that they are wrong.  Crossing someone’s will can bring […]

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Calling Men to Fight

Sometimes we might get the idea through the church-culture world or the imbalanced view of Jesus that he is just a loving dude. We might view our savior as passive, detached and unengaged.  Sometimes we can also feel this way about our faith. That it should all just fall into our lap. All the victory, the […]

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Originally posted on Compelled Church Women's Ministry:
“A good man leaves an inheritance [of  moral stability and goodness] to his children’s children….”  Proverbs 13:22  Having spent the last three weeks going through my father-in-law’s house to prepare for an estate sale I found myself overwhelmed by the myriad of “things” that needed to be…

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Precious Faith

What is the most precious thing you possess?  I have a lot of things that I confess I love.  I am attached to stuff, but it is not precious to me. It may be of value to me, but not necessarily precious. For example my woodcarving stuff is valuable to me and of course I love my […]

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