Reflections in Welch

As I sit here in a McDonald’s in Welch, W. VA after a day of amazing ministry, my heart is warmed and filled with the presence of God.  My favorite playlist is blaring in my earphones as I review for the message in the morning, but I wanted to jot some thoughts. I need Welch […]

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You are gifted

Every time I read Romans chapter 12, I am encouraged by the ancient Apostle to move forward in giftings, and to allow the fruit and Spirit of Christ, manifest himself through me daily.  It can be a challenge to allow the gifts we have for God’s glory be used.  Often we want to use them […]

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Umpqua Community College

The climate in America today that has allowed for the discrimination of Christians contributes to violence against us. May the martyrs at Umpqua Community College receive an amazing reward from Christ for their boldness to stand for their faith and be put to death.

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My world, my week, my prayer

I wanted to write a few thoughts today that are just personal and not teaching or preachy. The week was wonderful last week. I attended a presbyter’s retreat for the Michigan District , Assemblies of God, for which I serve as an executive presbyter. We heard the dreams, goals, and vision of our new supt, […]

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