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Good Friday Prayer

As I think about the price that Christ paid for our salvation, as I read the week of the passion, and as I think  about what it cost, to redeem us from sin, the curse, and our own arrogant stupidity, I ask this from my God in Christ……

  • Let me not live like this did not cost a lot.
  • Let me never to compromise whose I am now, I am a child of my Father in Heaven in Christ.
  • May my life never compromise the directives and teachings of Jesus my Savior.
  • Let me live in abandonment to the will of God on this earth and may my pathetic will be obliterated.
  • Let me never pity myself, my lot in life, and may my feelings that are selfish not rule my self or kick Christ off the throne of my life. He must always be my Lord.
  • Help me never Father, to take for granted your gift of salvation through your Son.  May I never go a day without expressing my praise, thanking you, and bowing my life, heart, will future, at your Lordship.
  • May the love you had for a sinful humanity, flow from me, to every race, to the hurting, the poor, the rich, the bound, the lost, the found, the kind, and the mean.
  • May Christ’s example of sacrifice and servanthood be manifested in my life to my God, my wife, my kids, my friends, my church, and to strangers.

Because of Jesus,  Amen

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My brother Steve’s revealing question

My hero, Steve LeVeck

I am teaching on the Holy Spirit on Wednesdays until summer and I must mention what the Lord taught me through my brother Steve as he was suffering with cancer.  I was visiting my amazing big brother at his home, on a day when the symptoms were manifesting in his balance.  We were talking and he looked right into me and He asked me a question, Steve asked,  “Nate, it’s not how much of the Holy Spirit we have, but ask yourself, how much of us does the Holy Spirit have?” Steve was within days of being with the Lord, and his heart and mind were filled with giving more of his life to His King.  His thoughts were on making sure his life was yielded to Christ and filled with the Spirit. He was still surrendering what life he had left in him, as he was transitioning to the presence of God.  This moves me deeply.

We want to be filled with the Spirit of God, but honestly we resist yielding completely to Him.  We don’t like giving up and letting go.  We must give more of ourselves to the Spirit.  Let go our past, shame, anger, fear, resentment, unforgiveness, irritations, sin, selfish habits, and addictions.  How easy it is to be filled, when we are emptied of the things that interfere with our spirit and mind being filled and controlled by God’s Spirit.  This question will be with me until I see Jesus and Steve again.  This question changes my life. I believe this was a question from Heaven, and glimpse into the heart of God, and my brother’s.

So, How much of you does the Spirit of God have?  What say you?

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Compassion is so Critical

I have never spoke on Compassion before as a topic.  This is the first in our new series on “Building and Battling:  Kingdom lessons from Nehemiah”  This first message on Nehemiah’s compassion is really moving me.  The Lord seems to be downloading a lot of thoughts about Compassion, and the need for it. It is so critical in the life of the believer and the church.  here are some thoughts.

  • The world hardens us and hard hearts become uncaring and selfish people.
  • Without compassion, we cannot fully connect with the Father, hear His voice, sense His Spirit or respond to His presence.
  • Compassion leads us to action.
  • An Husband without compassion with hurt and wound his wife.
  • Anything for Jesus starts with a touch from heaven, that ping of compassion.
  • Compassionate people care a lot about a lot.
  • People with compassion tell others about Jesus.
  • Compassion is the spark to love which is the action of Christ.
  • Missional churches are compassionate churches.
  • Compassion from Jesus will drain us from self.

This message will be taught on Feb. 21,22, 2015. If you are reading this after that, you can listen to the message at Our Compelled Church Website, click here. 


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Six things really bothering me today

Praying through a few things and as I read the news, experience life, live out my calling, and lead a church.  I must admit things rub my spirit wrong.  I know many say worry is sin, and sometimes it is, but God-given burdens and responsibilities that grab our attention for action and prayer, are not that kind of worry.

1) I am bothered at the deaths of thousands of Christians by ISIS and the news/media stays silent, and our President, at a prayer breakfast compares that with the Crusades. The spread of Islam deeply bothers me. May the power of the Spirit arise, and Truth prevail.

2) I am burdened at the number of people that need great Christian friends to encourage them, and teach them the ways of Christ. We need more disciplers. We need a revival of believers that want the Spirit victory in others as much as in themselves.  May Father raise them up and give the church a deeper desire to share their lives and care for the weaker and newer in faith.

3) I am troubled that pornography will hit the big screen, “Fifty Shades of Grey” and it seems that there is no outrage but acceptance in the abuse, and demoralization and dehumanization of women, or the sin it will graphically portray. The attack on human, marriages, and the minds and hearts of men is blatant and obnoxious. May God help us have some decency and discernment, and may this movie not make a dime of profit.

4) I am always sadly amazed when people walk away from Jesus and dive into the sin of the world, forsaking everything they know is right, true, and pure.  May they return and God’s people pursue them (Galatians 6.1,2).

5) I am burdened for our young adults. Seems many are drifting. I want to see them fulfill God’s purposes in their lives.

6) I am worried for discouraged pastors and friends that have so many challenges, trials, and struggles in the ministry. May God lift them and encourage them today. May they not quit. May the Lord give them great leaders, board members, staff members and volunteers that will encourage them, and so continue the fruitful work of the Kingdom.

This is the list of things that are agitating my heart.  This is my prayer list today.      ……..Nate

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What is a Healthy Christian?

So many judge Christians. Somewhere along the line we have come to an incorrect conclusion about followers of Jesus, Christians.  There is a belief that if you are a believer, or part of a Jesus faith community, that you are perfect. And people expect you to be perfect.  Even those that don’t attend any church or faith community expect Christians to be perfect and judge people pretty harshly if they are not.  Why is that?  Sometimes to make them feel better about their own life or choices of life, but most the time it is a misunderstanding in what a follower of Christ or a believer is.

A Christian is not a perfect person.  Not by any means. If that was true there would be no Christians on earth!  There was only one perfect and that was Jesus Himself.   A healthy Christian is a growing Christian.  A person who is not perfect, but dedicated to the one that is, Jesus.  As we mature in life and journey in our faith, we learn more, become more dedicated, and get victories over time through growing in Jesus and God performing transformations of our heart.  To be clear,  a healthy follower of Jesus is not a perfect person, but a person that is growing in Christ.  That growth is incremental and at different speeds.

so why do I write this?  I write this so we will cut each other some slack.  I communicate this so we will not be so hard on each other and judge each other.  I write this so if you are not growing as a follower of Jesus, that is not healthy.  Put forth some effort, make some decisions, change some priorities and grow in your faith.  I write this because it’s true and we all need reminded to be encouragers to others and not discouragers and that our patience with each other will expand as our faith also does over time.  So be a healthy follower of Christ and keep growing in the Lord.

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Tips on Fasting and praying this week “Contact With God”

Contact With GodThe Key to a great week of fasting and prayer is to discipline yourself in some other areas to make the most of the week.

  • Don’t talk about how hungry you are.
  • Don’t watch much TV if any.
  • Spend more time in the Bible.
  • Journal and write out thoughts, prayers, what the Lord says to you.
  • Listen to music that edifies you and encourages you in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray more!
  • Go to bed early. You will be waking up earlier naturally during fasting, at least I do.
  • Pray with others. Come pray at the church, change the environment if you are able.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Read another spiritual book.
  • Limit your social media or just stay off it all.  Focus on Christ. Pour your thoughts and mind into his.
  • Use the prayer guide we provided at Compelled and is on the post just before this one.

Its going to be a great week!    Nate

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“Contact With God” Week of Prayer, January 12-17

Contact With GodStarting Monday will be the week of prayer and fasting for Compelled Church. I will be publishing our prayer guide on the website here in the morning. I really believe the Lord wants us to make strong Contact with Him so He can do a deep work in us to make us more like Jesus.  That is our goal right? Our goal should not be to be better people, attend church, be nice, or look good.  The mission of the believer is to be more like Jesus Christ.

Romans 8.29  “For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son”   NIV

If you would like a copy of the prayer guide emailed to you. Please let me know by commenting here or emailing me at .  it’s going to be a life changing week.

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Are you a mature Christian or a baby?

There is much more we would like to say about this, but it is difficult to explain, especially since you are spiritually dull and don’t seem to listen. 12 You have been believers so long now that you ought to be teaching others. Instead, you need someone to teach you again the basic things about God’s word.* You are like babies who need milk and cannot eat solid food. 13 For someone who lives on milk is still an infant and doesn’t know how to do what is right. 14 Solid food is for those who are mature, who through training have the skill to recognize the difference between right and wrong.” Hebrews 5.11-14 from the NLT

So what is Christian Maturity?  When do we come to a point where we are no longer “like babies”?  What is the solid food.  I can say, in context, it is Christ. Knowing the high priest, Jesus Christ. Living for him, acting like him, being moved like Him, and living and becoming the man or women that God intended us to be.  This comes from making the choices with full understanding and knowledge of “right and wrong”.  This is discernment.  This is living right or righteousness (v. 13).  This doesn’t mean the immature are ignorant about righteousness or discernment, but just have not had the wisdom to decide to put in effect into their life. Therefore they are unqualified to teach or be an example to anyone.

How are you doing with all of this?  I know it is challenging, but Christ is calling us forward.  To get out of the rut of just church attending and thinking you know everything about God.  He wants us to know Him. To know and live His righteousness. To have the discernment to spot right and wrong, without compromising for any reason, and to make choices that show our lives to reflect the righteousness of Christ.  So let’s move forward, make the choices, stop idling and put maturity in full gear and pound the throttle and tear out in Christ.   No looking back. No more excuses. No whining about your church. No blaming your disobedience on your schedule, or spouse, or kids, or past pain.  Choose righteousness. It’s time to be a teacher, example, and leader, not a baby student anymore, learning the ABC’s of Christianity. Maturity in Jesus is your destiny. Maturity in Jesus is God’s will for you! You have the power of the Spirit! You have the love of the Father.  The only thing holding you back now is……..

(NOTE:  For more on this read on in Hebrews from chapter 5.)