Thanksgiving “aroma”

I am thinking and rolling around in my heart and soul the words of Paul in 2 Corinthians 2.14. I have of late, been reading Scripture differently. Instead of reading to get in several chapters, I am reading to notice, messages from the Holy writings that I gloss over, and given little attention to. I am intentionally looking for lessons and messages I normally do not see. Taking this extra time and slowing down my reading has revealed incredible gems of revelation. I want to share one today.

I am reading Scripture slowly, carefully, rereading, pausing, and thinking. Selah

This thanksgiving morning I was stopped in while reading 2 Corinthians. This verse caused me to pause.

” But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us reveals the fragrance of the knowledge of Him in every place.” 2 Corinthians 2.14

There is nothing much stronger to trigger emotions than smell. Think of all the smells that give you an emotional or mental response. A smell calms your heart, triggers a memory, maybe even brings anxiety or worry. I think that’s why we love the smell of a baby, burning leaves, baking cookies, as they trigger powerful positive memories. On a holiday, we inhale the baking of a turkey, the smell of pumpkin pie and these aromas remind us of family, friends, and faith. Comfort food are mostly comforting because of smell, even more than taste at times.

As I thought about this verse I am thankful this day of Thanksgiving for Christ leading us in triumph and victory. So many things in life can go wrong, but wihtout serving Christ, we can make decisions that make life even harder and more hurtful for us and those around us.

Christ’s triumph included his victory over sin, death, bondage of people, spiritual blindness, and emptiness. We are lead by him into forgiveness, freedom, enlightenment and purpose with the Holy Spirit God in our hearts.

Because of our new standing and life in Christ we have become and are knowing Jesus more and more. I hope you are, every day. That knowledge of knowing him mentally but also relationally gives an aroma. Not just a smell but a “sweet aroma”. in “every place”.

What place are you in today? I don’t mean geographically, although this Scripture does imply that also, but what place are you in? Are you with family, lonely because of Covid restrictions? I know many people are grieving loss, missing loved ones, confused, worried, happy, discouraged, rejoicing, and disappointed. Whatever place we are in today, we have and know the might Victor that is leading us, and knowing Jesus is manifested in us by this “sweet aroma”. Smells can’t be hidden, and they do not change whether we are alone, or in a group.

Please know that even if you are alone today, or your Thanksgiving is not what it used to be, you still have that sweet aroma. You still are being led. You still know Christ. You are His. The wonderful fragrance of Christ is not just from us, but for us, for you today.

In a moment I will go to my carving shop. The familiar smell of peace will greet me. The fragrance of the wood I carve, the incense I burn, the 100 year-old garage, will always be the same, regardless of what “place” I find myself.

Christ is the same (Hebrews 13.8). Whatever “place” you are in today, inhale the sweet aroma that is manifesting through you, as that aroma is a reminder that He is present with us in every “place”. May your “place” today be blessed with the thankfulness of the sweet aroma of the peace and presence of the Lord.


Pastor Nate

NOTE: “Selah” in the Scriptures (74 times) is a Hebrew note that may mean “forever” or a notation to pause and consider what was just written.

I need to grow in this area…

I am thinking deeply this morning about thankfulness.  I feel very convicted that I am not more thankful in every way.  I am looking to the Lord this morning to help me increase in a heart of thanksgiving.  So often in our western culture we are trained to think, look for, and speak against things that are wrong.  In the midst of that, we do not see the things that are right.  We can easily be blind to the blessings, and just adopt a critical and negative posture toward everything in life.  I just returned from Haiti. Our church took a team of nine men to do construction on a warehouse for food distribution in the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  I was amazed at the joy of the people of Haiti.  I stood stunned in church as they raised their hearts, hands, and voices in thanksgiving to the Lord.  They are authentically thankful and yet they possess of fraction of what the average American has.  This Christmas I desire no material thing. I have everything I need.  The one thing I ask is to be more thankful. Thankful for the gift of eternal life from my Savior Jesus, my kids, my friends, and church family. I have amazing friendships because of Christ.  I am thankful for an amazing wife. We will celebrate 25 years of marriage this new year (January 3). I am thankful for Bedford, and the home it has become to me for the last 15 years. Even if the roads are rough, it is a great place to live and raise our children. I am thankful for our schools, and the teachers my kids have had and will have.  They have all been outstanding.   I have never met anyone who is thankful that is not joyful.  So, as Christmas approaches, let’s  let the joy out, by understanding that we mostly are not overly thankful, but we can be. I am challenged today to be more thankful. Will you take the challenge with me?


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