Handle Your Life With Care, it’s Your Only One

This weekend I start a new series “Handle With Care”.   The verses for this weekend are:

“So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise.  Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.”  Ephesians 5.15-16 (New Living Translation)

We only have one life.  We only have the present.  Our decisions are important as they impact so many people. We need to live wise.  Not like fools who have no regard for their family, their future, or their God.  Fools live selfish. Fools make decisions without the Lord. Fools waste opportunities.  Proverbs teach that  fools come to ruin.  They dishonor their parents, they make decisions for their own benefit, they have  lost sight of the gift of life.

The Lord has a will for us all. We can’t control what others do, say, or decide. But we do control our decisions, our speech, our daily choices.  We have so many opportunities, and we need to live wise to make those times prosper with all the good fruit of the spirit.

  • Loving and spending time with your kids is a wise opportunity.
  • Responding to the Lord and others when we fail and not blaming is an opportunity for honesty and humility which are  wisdom.
  • Making the most of your marriage, repairing it, granting grace, serving is sure an opportunity to make the most.
  • Living for Jesus and all the benefits of those choices, make a our lives a legacy.
  • Honesty, morality, sexual purity, love, forgiveness, and being content, are all virtues Christ makes available to us if we walk in them.  This evil world rejects it all.  Greed, lust, materialistic ambitions, always being right is the norm of the day—sadly.

God has called us higher and gives us the power, relationship with him, and the love to live every day to our best and that’s His best.

Handle your life with Care. You only get one. Ask the Lord to help you honor Him, and live without regrets.

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Time Continues to Move

“So teach us to number our days, That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90.12

This is a prayer that God would help us understand that life goes fast and in the flurry of life we make decisions every single day that can add wisdom to our heart.  I believe as we grow in the knowledge of the Lord and His ways we understand his heart and wisdom much better which gives us a heart of wisdom to present to the Lord.  Also adding wise choices throughout your life adds wisdom.  Here are some thoughts I have on this topic.

  1. We have been given life, and we must use our days for God’s glory.
  2. Making choices that are selfish, sinful, foolish, and self-serving do not add wisdom to our life, but brings foolishness into our life, and hurts a lot of people.
  3. Time moves so fast. Babies, then toddlers, then graduation, then weddings. You know what I mean.  May God teach us to use our time and enjoy that gift.
  4. Use your time to build amazing relationships with your family and others.
  5. Use your time to serve, help those in need, honor God by making this earth a little better for some.
  6. Use your time to go after that desire God put in your heart that won’t go away.
  7. Use your life to be a person who understand the love of Christ and let’s his love and life pour to you and through you to others.

At the end of my life, the only thing I have to present to the Lord is me, with the grace of Christ.  A life that is lived wisely, bringing him honor and his name glory, is a life that is better than all the riches, fame, and empty pursuits, most of our culture thinks is so important. May God teach us to number our days. We need his help.

Quotes from Week One of the Six-Week Series Titled “Purpose”

As we start a six-week teaching on purpose, I am gripped with passion, conviction, and compassion.  I believe the purpose of our life is to glorify the Lord in all we do and how we do things.  I believe we are called the glorify the Lord in who we are.  Here are some quotes from week one of the series.

  • “We have to stay grounded on Scripture, dedicated to God’s ways. The world will not function in God’s ways. This world is determined not to glorify God, but to glorify man, embracing all sin, rejecting any moral voice, and pushing the philosophy of pluralism and secular humanism forward, at the expense of all reason and purity.”
  • “Since time began the deception from the enemy has been to NOT glorify God, but glorify yourself, you become the god.”
  • “You can be a saved person, and not a very spiritual person. We are good at siloing our lives, and separating our faith from daily living.
  • “Whenever man wants glory and honor, ahead of the Lord, or in place of the Lord, destruction in some form, awaits.”
  • “Too many of us live with ‘flimsy faith’. Faith that is so shallow, so much about us. Flimsy faith says my faith  is exercised so God can do what I want, not I live the life He wants. My will is more important than His.”

“Whether then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. “

1 Cor. 10.31

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