Learn from Failure

The lie of human history is that one failure eliminates you from the love of God, from ever experiencing any kind of success and, destines one to more failures.  As humans, even people in love with Christ and His Word. We fail.  We fail those around us, allowing selfishness to stress our closest relationships.  We sin against God. Knowingly and willingly we choose wrong before right, and reap the regret of this.  No one is exempt from failure.

Peter, a great apostle, and leader of the early church, had some fails under his belt. He gets corrected when he tries to stop children from  coming to Jesus (Mark 10.17). As Jesus was explaining the Father’s plan for his suffering and Crucifixion Peter attacked him, scolding Jesus for talking like this  in  which Jesus responded “get behind me Satan.”  Ouch (Matthew 1.22)!   Can’t imagine how much that hurt. He also denied Christ three times, (Matthew 26.72-74) and went off cursing and crying, his failure ever before him. He lived in such disappointment in life and himself he just said “I’m going fishing.” He resigns from “being an apostle” and returns to what he knew before Christ (John 21.3). But Jesus pursues him.

We see a picture of the loving Christ who does not hold our failures against us. Our God who loves, lives, and gives grace . He is the Lord of second chances and I love that about God. I love teaching and preaching God’s immeasurable grace.  He cooks breakfast and Peter jumps out of the boat, swims to Jesus on the shore, and Jesus lovingly, restores him, and mandates Him to be the spiritual leader we know today (John 21.12-18).

Because we will all fail our God, our families, and friends, to some degree we must understand we can learn from our failures. We can learn about ourselves, our God, and the depth of His unconditional love toward us.  Our failures can make you a better person or a bitter person.  You can “man up”, and be honest, or make it worse and blame your failures on those around you. I have found that God’s presence and power are always attracted to humility.

Remember, no failure, knocks you out and ruins it all. Don’t forget, God forgives, restores, and refreshes us as we come to Him in humility.  Learn from failures and don’t allow them to defeat you, but may they be the stepping stones, to the love of God, and His will for your life.

Quotes from Week One of the Six-Week Series Titled “Purpose”

As we start a six-week teaching on purpose, I am gripped with passion, conviction, and compassion.  I believe the purpose of our life is to glorify the Lord in all we do and how we do things.  I believe we are called the glorify the Lord in who we are.  Here are some quotes from week one of the series.

  • “We have to stay grounded on Scripture, dedicated to God’s ways. The world will not function in God’s ways. This world is determined not to glorify God, but to glorify man, embracing all sin, rejecting any moral voice, and pushing the philosophy of pluralism and secular humanism forward, at the expense of all reason and purity.”
  • “Since time began the deception from the enemy has been to NOT glorify God, but glorify yourself, you become the god.”
  • “You can be a saved person, and not a very spiritual person. We are good at siloing our lives, and separating our faith from daily living.
  • “Whenever man wants glory and honor, ahead of the Lord, or in place of the Lord, destruction in some form, awaits.”
  • “Too many of us live with ‘flimsy faith’. Faith that is so shallow, so much about us. Flimsy faith says my faith  is exercised so God can do what I want, not I live the life He wants. My will is more important than His.”

“Whether then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. “

1 Cor. 10.31


“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.  “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;  for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Words of Jesus

As I read this I ask myself what a treasure in Heaven is?  May I offer my definition?  A Treasure in Heaven that we are to be storing up is “anything you do for Christ, because of Christ, and in Christ.”  We have decided and the church has taught that we must be reading, praying, in church, or winning the lost, and those would be considered “treasures in Heaven.”  Based on my definition “anything we do for Christ, because of Christ, and in Christ.” let me offer other suggestions.

  • Reading to your children, making them laugh, telling them you love them.
  • Honoring your marriage vows by loving your wife, and respecting your husband in every way.  Growing closer together and serving them as Christ has served us.
  • Going to work, knowing that Christ has provided.
  • Making your needs and wants last, and other’s first.
  • Spending time listening to the stories of a sr. adult.
  • Eating a meal and breaking bread with others, knowing Christ has provided.
  • Worshipping with a heart of thankfulness and gratitude.
  • Enjoying time off, leisure, without guilt, taking a “sabbath” and being in Christ.
  • Serving anywhere, anyone, because Christ is our servant.
  • Giving of time, your money, and your gifts, as you serve honor Christ.
  • Yes, reading the Word of God, and letting the “words” of God penetrate our cerebral and rest to live in our hearts.
  • Good friendships.
  • Letting go of the pain and hurt of the past and releasing others in forgiveness.
  • Sharing your faith, your journey with others, to enlighten them and draw them to the light of Chris.
  • Being creative, using your hobby, art, interests that allow us to  experience the Spirit of God, and to glorify him.
  • How we talk and communicate with others.
  • How we extend grace, as we received it….freely.

So the world says “Hoard stuff, hoard money, make yourself first!” That would be “treasures on earth.” So treasure the “Jesus” things, participate in them, live in Him, and you will store up the treasures in heaven because Jesus is where your heart is!  Keep serving Him with love and thanksgiving, joy and peace.     Nate
New American Standard Bible: 1995 update. (1995). (Mt 6:19–21). LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation.

Pastoral Leadership Think Lab Coming up April 10th @Brighton A/G

All pastors, missionaries, staff pastors, come on out April 10 to a day of encouragement. Let me know if you have any questions. RSVP to Nate@compelledchurch.tv. This event is free.

Growvember- Men of God Take the Challenge!

Growvember with me

Ok men, I received this idea from my hero Chilly Chillton, as Real Church is doing his too. 

Men of Compelled Church and others,  Who will Join me today to start Growvember. GRow your beard. You have to grow your facial hair and also your spirit in Christ. So to participate you have to.. 1) Pray and read the Bible every day in November, and journal thoughts and prayers 3) Avoid secular music 4)Give something up (like the Lent thing). 5) Ask God to stretch you to serve and share Christ with others. Who will join me? Pick out a style, shave clean today and start growing. Who is in for the Growvember Challenge

I’m giving up sugar and sweets another month, as I have been in October.

Here are some hairy styles.


Who is in? 

Dwell Worship

I’m looking forward to a great night of worship Saturday  night @ 6pm.  It is the night of worship Pastor Rick has named “Dwell.”  I love this night and I usually slip out of the crowd, go up to the loft and look down at everyone worshiping Jesus, seeking God, and enjoying His presence. I am always incredibly blessed.  If you can’t get here to the Temperance Site, then watch on our live webcast @Compelledchurch.tv .   Enter into worship with using your phone, IPad, lap, notebook, etc.  Tweet to #dwellcc .  Tweet what your reflections are, what God is saying, or anything.  See you at Dwell.


Doors open @ 5:30 and we start @6pm.

No Agenda, Just Jesus

Forty Days in the Word


Our church, Compelled Church has started the All-Church focus called “Forty Days in the Word” written by Pastor Rick Warren and Saddleback Community Church.  This is the first week and it is exciting!  I believe we have about 50 groups now.  That is amazing! Thank you to every leader.  If you are not in a group, they are also offered Wednesday nights, just come!  We are going to learn the Word, live the Word, and Love the Word!!

Please take a moment and sound off a reply for me.  When is your group?  What are you learning?  How’s it going?  Are you leading?  Testimony of growth, revelation, insight?  Take a moment and bless myself and the readers of this blog.  I appreciate it.

Sign up here for free daily devotions  You will be blessed by a short devotion from spiritual leaders from all over the country.

My group is Thursdays at 10 am . I’m looking forward to it.  Nate Elarton. so leave me some feed back and comment. Thanks

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