Happy Birthday Compelled Church! We are 22 years old. I Love Church Planting.

Twenty-two years ago April 8, 1996 Compelled Church was started.  It was Bedford Christian Community, then. We changed when we went multi-site.   We left as youth pastors at Northville Christian Assembly, and with hugs, tears, and holy excitement, we moved to Temperance. That church supported us, and and sent us off well under the leadership of Pastor “O” Buchan and that loving staff.  Hugh Duncan, was the greatest encourager ever!  Thank you Hugh for pouring into Wendy and I, encouraging us, and giving faithfully in so many ways.

What started as a God-given dream in our living room in Livonia with Mike and Pam Hardy, has become an amazing journey of fun and faith! Rick and Beth joined us a year later. What at team, and priceless friends!

A lot has happened in that 22 years.  Many people have came to the Lord, leaders raised up, people discipled, children and youth ministered to.  Wendy and I are humbled and blessed at what God has done, and the amazing people he sent to help throughout the years.  What a joy to be imbedded in this community, to raise our kids year, and to live in the same house since the day we arrived.

My wife Wendy has been right there. Ministering, raising our kids, giving, serving. She encouraged me when I was bi-vocational, when I struggled through a Master’s Degree and at every stage of church-planting challenge.  My children love the church, and God’s people because this church has been so amazing.  Thank you Wendy for your support, patient love, and pouring into this life’s work as much as I. Thank you Abby, Gabe, and Levi for bring us honor, and sharing your parents with so many people.

We have raised leaders, pastors, help start other churches, and have another Compelled Church Campus in Holland, Oh.  We have send over a million to missions, had 3 building programs, and have seen God lead, provide, protect, and guide us faithfully for 22 years.

The LOrd  was there through every challenge, disappointment, and victory.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged, gave, sacrificed, and supported the work of the Lord here in Temperance and Toledo. You are heroes.

Happy Birthday Compelled Church!  It has been an amazing 22 years.  It has been a joy to lead Pastor this great Church. Whatever God has for the next 22 years for our lives, and the church, we will be faithful, we will be obedient, we will have tenacity!

Love you All

Pastor Nate and Wendy

“Pharisectomy” by Peter Haas, Chapter 4….Angry Chipmunks..Lazy love?

So in 25 years of pastoral ministry I can sure relate to this chapter. It was funny and as I read his experiences I mentally recalled some of mine that are so similar.  I like the one where someone says his message was awful and then the next person tells Peter how deeply the message moved the heart of God (p.45).  He writes about those in the body of Christ that get critical, spiritually arrogant, and feel it is there job to critique and rebuke the pastors of he church and some of it’s members.  He teaches that we must confront and that to truly confront someone we must have a huge deposit of love in the church and their lives.   I know when I am confronted by newer guests at the church or even long-time members that rarely attend gatherings, events, or small groups, I immediately guard my heart, as their motive is most likely to judge, or just punch me in the gut on the way out. This goes for nasty emails or facebook messages. I must be honest though, I don’t get many at all. Maybe one or two a year.

When we truly are involved in each other’s lives, and love is great, we can have truly high standards and loving accountability (p. 47).   We must make money deposits of care and love into each other’s lives. Our goal cannot be just to proclaim truth but to influence people and lead them to be more Christ-like, with true love, care, and relationships (p. 53).

“Christianity is not a message, it’s a lifestyle. It’s caught, not taught.” P. 53

“People who preach truth outside the context of loving community are like child abusers wo try shoving the steak of God’s Word down a baby’s throat.”  (p. 54). 

Love, God, Love People, and Serve the World. That is our target at Compelled and the second mission cannot be over looked by “lazy love” as Peter calls it.  We must continue to love each other unconditionally.  Even when we are hurt. Even when we don’t get our own way. Even when we think others are wrong. We must love, there is no other path but this path of Christ. The law of love!  Great chapter!  Thanks Peter Haas. Image

Never Quit, never buckle, never stop..Persevere!

I am speaking today at the Toledo Campus,  on one of the most critical and important subjects for the believer.  the route for the Christian that leads to maturity is paved with life’s trials and troubles, that we must encounter with great perseverance. I am speaking from Romans 5.1-5. Here are a couple of the verses. “More than that we rejoice in our sufferings, know that suffering produces endurance (perseverance), and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” ESV

So are you suffering in life? Many are.  Through it Christ is going to give you the endurance or perseverance you need to come out with character and a greater faith and hope in Christ than ever for you will grow closer to Jesus, as you cling to Him through the storm. The Greek word for perseverance is “Hupomone” which means “the capacity to hold out or bear up in the face of difficulty.”  I think of Matthew 7 where Jesus said we had to have our life on the foundation of the rock to withstand the storms and not the sand.  I think of people who have walked away from Christ when storms come and they say if God would have loved them this would not have happened.  Jesus never promised that our life would not be difficult, stormy, even at times painful. But he did promise us that he would give us perseverance, His presence, and His power to hold up and out in the face of hard times.

When life, the devil, or others throw everything they have at you.  Stand, endure, and persevere!  Keep you eyes and life on and close to Jesus and you are going to make it with a greater depth and maturity than you ever though possible (Hebrews 12.1-2).  Never give up, never quit, never buckle, because hope in Christ is never disappoint you, but lead you to victory.  The peaceful skies away from the storm are coming!!

Dwell Worship

I’m looking forward to a great night of worship Saturday  night @ 6pm.  It is the night of worship Pastor Rick has named “Dwell.”  I love this night and I usually slip out of the crowd, go up to the loft and look down at everyone worshiping Jesus, seeking God, and enjoying His presence. I am always incredibly blessed.  If you can’t get here to the Temperance Site, then watch on our live webcast @Compelledchurch.tv .   Enter into worship with using your phone, IPad, lap, notebook, etc.  Tweet to #dwellcc .  Tweet what your reflections are, what God is saying, or anything.  See you at Dwell.


Doors open @ 5:30 and we start @6pm.

No Agenda, Just Jesus

“Courageous” and Rev. Tim Delina

We packed out the house out at the Temperance Campus for the “Courageous” moving Saturday night.  We put up  a couple extra rows.  It was great to see new faces.  The movie was powerful. I had not seen it before Saturday night. I sat in the back row and Wendy and I kept sharing the kleenex. It was a very moving movie.  AFter the movie, at the closing, I called all the men and young men forward for prayer. Man the Spirit of God was working deeply.

Sunday we started the “Forty Days in the Word.”  We will be launching the small groups in 2 weeks. It is going to be a great 6 weeks.

Next week Rev. Tim Delina will be our guest.  Tim will speak at our men’s breakfast, then Saturday night and Sunday morning.  He will speak a different message Saturday and on Sunday.  This guy is a personal friend and a powerful man of God.  He is one of my favorite speakers.  After planting an amazing church in Highland park, Revival Tabernacle, and pastoring that great church for years, He is now at the Brooklyn Tabernacle with Pastor Jim Cymbala.  Make sure to make these services, and be ready for the Lord to move in your life.

I’ll be out of service for a few weeks for a surgery tomorrow on 3 herniated discs, and bone spurs. Pray for a speedy recovery.

Five Things I want to say to Compelled Church

1. Our first day of the Toledo Campus was a success.  About 85 people gathered Sunday at 10 am on Trust drive in Jesus’ name. This is the start of a wonderful campus that will see a great Harvest.

2. Since I said we were evaluating Saturday nights, the attendance has doubled!!!  We will continue having our Saturday night gatherings.  If you are coming to the packed 11 am service, then consider coming to the Saturday night.

3. Make sure to get involved in a small group for the “Forty Days in the Word” study.   Learn the Word, Live the Word, and Love the Word.  Growing in Christ is awesome in community. MOre this weekend.

4. Plan on being blessed the 11th and 12 when Pastor Tim Delina is coming to be our guest.  He is the executive associate pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle in Brooklyn, pastored by Jim Cymbala. He will be speaking at the men’s breakfast.

5. Personal:  I will be going in for surgery Feb. 6, for issues I am having with my neck, pinched nerves, pressure on my spine and 3 herniated discs  I will be out of service recovering for 2 weeks. Pastor Rick will assume the helm of Compelled Church.  Pray for my quick recovery.  Thanks

Figher by Francis Frangipane


Are you are fighter or a fainter? Are you prevailing in prayer or growing weary? Just as the Lord trained David’s hands for battle, so He seeks to empower us with wisdom, authority and, most important, an anointing to be victorious in our battles.

Don’t doubt that the Lord can raise a war cry in your spirit. The Scripture says,

“The LORD will go forth like a warrior, He will arouse His zeal like a man of war. He will utter a shout, yes, He will raise a war cry. He will prevail against His enemies” (Isaiah 42:13).

One may argue, “But I am just a sheep, not a fighter.” Well, God’s word says that the Lord will visit His flock “and will make them like His majestic horse in battle” (Zech. 10:3). Yes, we are sheep-like in our relationship with Him, but His goal is to train us to serve Him, even as “His majestic horse” in battle. In truth, you’ve often been victorious in the past. Now it’s time to be win even greater victories in the future!

For more information on Francis Frangipane,  please visit his website by clicking here

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