Fear Lies to you

Fear always hold back God’s people.  Fear hold you back. Fear of failure, what people think of you, and fear of looking foolish.  Many people don’t take chances or live by faith out of fear.  Fear has stopped people from going back to school, starting that business, or asking out that potential spouse.

The enemy loves to work on us with fear.  I have seen some people be so consumed by fear they are paralyzed, and almost lose all desire and motivation to accomplish anything at all. Fear has stopped people from apologizing and asking other’s forgiveness, and they have missed out on relationships that could have been healed.  Some of dreams in their hearts, put there by God, but fear prevents many from pursuing their God-given dreams.

Fear stops us from obeying God.  We need greater faith in God to extinguish fear.  I am so glad that my brothers who told me about Christ did not let fear hold them back.  Because of their boldness and faith my life is changed by Christ forever.  I am glad Billy Graham did not let fear stop him from the dreams of being a preacher of the Gospel. His ministry has changed the lives of literally millions of people.

Are you falling victim to fear?  Let the faith of God rise up in you. Be consumed by boldness and do not fear.  Live without regrets, get out of your comfort-zone, and don’t let the lies of fear diminish what God wants to do in your life.

Remember this verse, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1.7)”.

Check out this music video  by Zach Williams, “Fear is a Liar”



He is My Confidence

When you struggle with fear, situations, and the feelings of insignificance, Jesus is our confidence.  We can rest in Him.  Trust in His Word, and the presence of His Spirit to guide us through every situation.

Love this song my Iron Bell Music  “My Confidence”. Enjoy and listen to the words closely.

Five Dangers of Resisting Change

Yesterday, we moved most of the last of dad’s furniture from his house. We moved him to Temperance last October.  He lived in that house almost 50 years. Of course, I grew up there.  The old brick house on Gorham in Morenci holds a lot of memories,every room has a story, every part of the yard a chapter in childhood. I looked out the window to the hosue next door, where mom lived the last years of her life (yes you read correctly)  Last Friday, my daughter graduated from college, my oldest son will graduate from high school in a couple weeks, our youngest will be a senior. Lots of change, more on the way. Most I celebrate with joy and parental pride for my kids.

What changes are you experiencing in life? Job? Family? Aging parents? Empty nest? Loved one called home? Health? Registering your baby for pre-school?

Change can be hard, and most people resist it. Here are some reasons why.

  1. We fear the unknown.  We want to have control and we control the present.  We think we have it mastered and we love the predictability. Change moves us into the unknown, which we can interpret unsafe, and our assumptions are usually wrong.
  2. We are comfortable in the present. Change rocks the boat. We want our lives to be consistent, routine, and the same.
  3. Our flesh, resists growing our faith stronger. Change requires more faith because we have topped our faith out in the present.  We, for some dumb reason, mostly resist spiritual growth because it makes us go to uncomfortable places….the unknown future, or a new ministry, or a new season of life.  Each change requires our trust in God to go deeper. Let’s not resist let’s embrace.

The danger of resisting change.

  1. You miss out on a chapter in your life that was meant to be.  Don’t fear, the Lord never leave us!  Don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate change.
  2. It happens anyhow and you live in denial, anger, sadness, or ambivalence. This will affect everyone around you and your most precious relationships.
  3. You hijack your future.  Joy and contentment can be robbed from us as we look back with sadness at the change, and not forward with faith. How many people did not experience their future, as they stubbornly held on to the past.
  4. We can miss something special God has for us.  He moves us forward through life, and He is there will his plan, power, and presence to guide us.
  5. Your faith become stagnate.  Change grows us whether we like it or not.  We learn the Lord is always with us. We sense his strength and courage. We learn to trust him deeper in the unknown. Don’t rob yourself the opportunity of having greater faith in the Lord.

In the changes of life remember Proverbs 3.5,6 and live in this truth.

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
6 In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.
The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). (Pr 3:5–6). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

Don’t Freak out, The Kingdom Of Jesus is Fine

Hey everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that the Kingdom of God is doing great. Everyone seems to forget that Jesus is pretty stinking powerful. The Kingdom and the church are fine. We need to keep building them. Nothing can stop Jesus from building His church. That’s right…nothing!  Don’t allow fear and worry to overtake your heart. Don’t entertain bitterness or hate towards any group, movement, or person.  Jesus promised us in Matthew 16 that He WILL build His church. Even the the kingdom of death and darkness will not reign over the church of Jesus. Nothing can stop the work of Jesus. Nothing. No person, group, ideology, belief system, or government.  The church and Kingdom of God will not fail, falter, or be stopped from saving and redeeming mankind. People are going to continue to turn to Jesus. They will be forgiven and set free; filled with the Holy Spirit, joy, peace, healing, and courage. We are over-comers and in Christ we have the peace and courage we need to live in the world, but not of it.  We must keep living and proclaiming the love of God to the sinful and lost. To be the light of this world to the darkness. Resist the temptation of the enemy to hate; like what Pastor Dustin talked about on Sunday (Pastor Dustin’s message Link ).  Walk in love and the light of Christ. Keep doing what we are supposed to always be doing: loving God, loving people, and serving the world. Keep talking about Jesus to friends. Invite them to discover the Lord. Keep sharing your faith with joy. Know this verse: “I have said the things to you, that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have tribulation. But take heart, I have overcome the world.”  These are the words of Jesus recorded by John in John 16.33. Expect a great move of Jesus in these last days!

Pastor Nate

The key to overcoming fear, control issues, rejection, and lies.

Because of the fall we struggle with identity.  We seek our identity by how we look, what we drive, what we do for a living or where we live. This is all wrong and is the reason so many Christians suffer with all of the things Christ set us free from.  Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, and the broken union of mankind with our God, we are also emotional broken inside because of this.  The fall did this and wrecked our identity

1. Acceptance from God was replaced with feeling of rejection, so now we have a deep need to belong and struggle with rejection   2. Innosence was replaced by guilt and shame, so now we need self-worth and significance. We try to get this through money, experiences, or appearence . Without Christ we are left empty.    3.Dominion was replaced by weakness and helplessness, therefor we have a need for strength and self control.

How can we break the hold these broken things have on our heart?  It can only happens as Jesus repairs our  broken union with God, and we walk and live in a biblical identity. What is the biblical identity?      Please click on this link to learn that from a previous post on this site.