Pre-Blessed Food

My son Levi shared this with me. I have an odd sense of humor so I thought it was pretty funny. Enjoy.


What’s going on?

Devil I have written 2 posts this morning for my blog.  Each time I tried to save them, typepad lost them. So I need to study for Sunday, so this is my BLOG post for now.  I am pretty sure the devil may well be involved. Keep your eyes peeled for me.

Some thoughts about Revival, Lost, and chewing ice

Ok, I don’t "random" blog much, but sometimes it’s good. Here is a list of "I think’s"  for the fun of it. Then you can know what I think.

I think Fred and the team did an awesome job leading us in worship on Sunday

I think Wendy’s message on "Happy Girlie Day" was right from Jesus…….

I think people would like to label me a "non-revival" person just because I think Todd Bentley is way out there (I got some interesting emails from my previous posts)  I have been to Toronto twice and loved it (except for when I walked out on Todd’s false teachings)………..

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