Pastor Abby’s Three Prayers from Mother’s Day Weekend Message

Our daughter, Abby Isacson spoke this weekend. Here message is here if you want to watch it.

“I believe, help my unbelief.” She closed the message with three prayers. Some of you have requested them. Here they are:

Here are three prayers of trust from a sometimes untrusting human: 

  • God, when I have trouble trusting you, may I remember your character. You are a God who has proven yourself to be consistent throughout generations and that has not changed. 
  • God, When I have trouble trusting in you, could you help me to search for your presence and to not search too long because you remind me that you are present. You are here right now and in every moment of my day, of every hour. You are with me when I am with my family and with my friends. You are present in my place of work and in my home. You are an involved God and sometimes your presence is quiet, but let that draw me in. 
  • God, when I say I can’t trust you, because sometimes I really am unable to trust you in my humanness, help me to be like the father in Mark 9 and say; “I believe, help my unbelief.” Help me to know that you want all of me and that includes my doubts and fears. That includes my emotions and numbness. You are just as present in the darkness as you are in the light.

by Pastor Abby Isacson

A happy moment for this dad, introducing my daughter Pastor Abigail Isacson

A Must read for pastors from my friend Chilly Chilton

chillyChilly sent this out from a writing in 2014. I reprint it here with his permission.  It deeply spoke to me and my spirit agreed.  Please read it slowly and think and reflect.  For more writings of his go to his website .  I am impacted this afternoon by this encouragement to be who God intended me to be.

Hey friend,

Today I felt led to share with you an article that I wrote for my blog in April 2014.  God brought it back to my attention early this morning with urgency and conviction. I made some minor edits and now I’m asking a few of my friends, mentors and allies to read it.  Please only read it if you have time to read it slowly and all the way to the end.  I’m not asking for a response but I certainly would welcome it. In some way, I feel as if God may be preparing me to take this message to leaders, pastors and those just beginning to sense His call.  I believe there’s an adventure being missed by MOST that God is really stirring in my heart today.  Thanks for reading this — please don’t post it (at least not yet)… I’m not sure, exactly, where to go from here.   Thanks again!

Here’s the article

When the Adventure becomes a job…

Do you remember when God called you?

  • was it after getting the results of your ACT or SAT exam?
  • did it come in a certified letter?
  • were you walking through a job fair?
  • did it come with a paycheck?

Probably not, right? It was probably more spontaneous, crazy and epic than a human designed promotion. It was supernatural, right? It made you insanely excited and totally overwhelmed all at the same time! You had the thought, ‘there’s no way I can do this’ and yet, you also KNEW, ‘ there’s no way that I CAN’T do this!’

Maybe I’m just weird, but I’m more than a little concerned about what’s happening in what we call ‘Christianity.’ Way too many pastors are burned out, depressed, suicidal, wimpy, self-loathing, excuse-making complainers. They’re lonely, hated, misunderstood, tapped-out, and overwhelmed.

Yep, I’ve been beat-up (a little bit physically, somewhat spiritually and lots emotionally). I’ve been robbed, betrayed and played. I’ve been out of money, abandoned, over-worked and super tired. SO WHAT!

It’s not like Jesus and the Bible didn’t warn us. And, it’s not like Jesus and the Bible didn’t tell us what to do when this stuff happened.

Being miserable, cynical or sarcastic IS NOT the answer!

Turning the body of Christ into God’s robot isn’t the answer, either! Our need to control is making our lives out-of-control and stressed out.

“Doing church” was never God’s plan… the church is a living organism that’s growing, changing, and functioning through with authority of God, the leading of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I’m really concerned about the structure, professionalism and business-like approach to ministry that has become commonplace in our churches – and, more personally, in our lives.

Yes, many are producing churches that are big, well-oiled-machines, that function with precision and reliability. We run staff gatherings and board meetings like Fortune 500 think-tanks… little risk or faith desired or required.

Checks and balances. Budgets. Protocol, precedents and procedures. We’ve got manuals and job descriptions for everything. We can’t have chaos after all.

Hmmm… have you ever been in a healthy father’s (or grandfather’s) house? Does he give job descriptions to his grand kids? Things are messy, loud, unorganized and spontaneous. Yet, laughter and love are everywhere! Now, I’m not saying that’s, exactly, what church should be like… but, I do think Jesus was saying something when He rebuked His disciples by saying, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children. 17 I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.” Luke 18:16-17 Speaking of kid’s with callings…

I’m also concerned about how we train those called. $100,000+ for a Bible College degree is the norm. Student loans, classroom lectures, test taking and term-paper writing may not provide proper training or evaluation. Remember, some of the original disciples, church-leaders and church planters were ‘untrained’ — They had not attended the rabbinical schools of their day, yet they knew how to quote and explain scripture better than the rabbis. I’m not hating on seminary – I attended one – but, it’s not the only (or always the best) way to develop the calling on someone’s life.

Maybe we’re too serious, controlled and up-tight? Maybe we’ve lost the adventure of our calling and turned it into a job? Maybe we’re more full of ourselves than we are full of the Holy Spirit?

Here’s some things that concern me about what’s happening in our churches and/or ministries…

  • We give them instructions, but not purpose.We say ‘what’ to do without answering the ‘why’ we do it. Pray this. Read this. Attend this. Do this. Don’t do this. And, then, when you complete this; do more of this! Few people seem to be discovering who they are because we’re telling them what to ‘do.’ As a result …
  • We develop systems to evaluate the success and efficiency of everything. But, we’re making disciples not employees… we’re making missionaries not machines. As a result …
  • We create check-lists, measurements and levels to show maturity and progress. We require classes, tests, attendance and conformity before most ministry opportunites can be considered. As a result …
  • We give out titles, positions and leadership like awards or promotions. There’s an elite aura around most upper-level pastors & leaders. There are people who may achieve board or staff level because of their faithfulness to a system or generosity (of time, talent or treasure). As a result …
  • People are confused about how to love God and their neighbors without losing their minds. They can operate their ministry in the church with precision but never talk to their next-door neighbors. Their cars are used for multiple church events like a soccer-mom’s van in the summer! They’re too focused and busy to play with their kids, date their spouse, go to the park, or sleep in on Saturday morning As a result …
  • Insecurity, Stress, Fatigue are having a party just on the other side of fake smiles. Ouch. Or, maybe the manifestation is pride, control and rules. Either way, both have roots in FEAR. And, fear has NOTHING to do with the adventure of God’s calling. His perfect love drives away ALL fear (1 John 4:18).

I don’t want another job. I want an adventure!

I want to wake up each day FULL of wonder, passion, energy and joy!

I want to pray because it’s fun and because Jesus talks to me! I want to read the Bible because it’s alive and it rocks my world every single time I read it! I want to make disciples because I’m called to do it and because I’m uniquely designed to reach, love, mentor, train and help others become disciples.

I want my wife, kids and friends to LOVE living life together. I want church to be about who we are becoming not what we are doing. I want the community to change through love, miracles, kindness, compassion and friendship.

I want other young Christians to WANT God to call them into the ministry even before it happens simply because they’re around the adventure of my life!

This is NOT a depressing view or rebuke of others, church, ministry or whatever … nope! Don’t get all worked up or defensive. I wrote this in my journal — and, my journal is not the Bible! Asking questions is how we get answers.

It’s just me saying that I’m CHOOSING to keep living the adventure and inviting others to join me! It WILL be imperfect, it will include failing and it will be unpredictable. It may NOT pay much in money but it will be INSANELY rewarding and super exciting!

The ADVENTURE continues!

© 2017 Chilly Chilton Ministries



Thanks for allowing me to be vulnerable with you. I’d welcome your thoughts & insight. Your friendship is very valuable to me — thank you for believing the best … ALWAYS!


Honored, Chilly

“Who am I?” by Pat Steele

I have been teaching on our identity in Christ and how Christ redefines us.  Pat Steele has shared his poems with me. He has a gift with them. Here is one he wrote complimenting the teaching series and so I wanted to share it, as I think it is awesome.

thanks,  Nate

Who Am I?  by Pat Steele

Go to school, get a degree, What can the world give to me?

0% APR, Time to buy a brand new car

I can’t tithe, but still budget for Internet, cable, Netflix and more

Mastercard, with no interest rate, No prayer, no Bible  Too much on my plate!

We live in a modern democracy  Has capitalism diminished me?

But God has blessed, we sow and reap. We gain and give our soul to keep

Invest when the markets down. My faith dressed up like a clown

Masking up, avoid the bull, Man in the mirror getting dull

Fear thee not, God made a way, No microwave or TV tray

Returns not in the black and red, But in brokenness, tears on my bed

By the Word, He spoke into life. In ash our bodies formed

Through worship He enters in, As the earth was formed

He knit and made you, Wrapped in womb and space

God’s not found in earthly treasure, He is in the secret place

It’s time for us to ask, To seek and knock to find

Transforming power through death. Newness of heart and mind

My worth is not found, In Doctorate or Degree

Not in building or investing. But through what God put in me!

Do you know the Spirit

That raised Christ from the dead?

Is not myth or fairy tale, Dancing in your head

If you have been given The gift that death did buy

No thesis or retirement will give you strength to try

The worth we all are looking for, Is not on discount at the store

Our value and position, Is standing at our hearts door

Luke Writings – Great Observations from Many

Here are some awesome observations from our study of Luke’s writings. I had so many, I shared a few and I want to keep sharing.  Thanks everyone. Keep the input coming!

Luke 1 and 2

from Luke 1:30-33. It says that Mary found favor with God, but yet she had to live through some pretty tough things: she risked being left by her husband, family and friends could have rejected her, and she had to watch her son be rejected and then crucified. None of that seems fun or easy. But because of Mary’s submission to God’s plan, we all have salvation. When we are in the midst of life and our circumstances look difficult or even impossible, we can’t lose hope because just like Mary, it may take awhile before the plan is revealed. He spoke this again to me when Jesus is revealed as the descendant of David in v. 32 God had promised David that David’s kingdom would last forever, but it took centuries for that to be fulfilled. Even when it’s hard, we need to wait patiently and trust God.  Kristen Posta

After encountering  God sending Gabriel to speak directly to Zachariah in the super natural , I found Zachariah’s natural response ” how can I be sure of this? I’m an old man, my wife….”   So real….because we know the natural…we know all points in case…But because of his doubt he was rendered speechless, Perfect time to reflect on the whole  divine  encounter.   Vic Tucker

Luke 3 and 4

3:1-6 > Fulfilling prophecy  is always amazing. We see these threads. Luke 2:1-7. In fulfilling prophecy everyone had to be in the right place at the right time. See Gal 4:4. God sent Jesus “when the fullness of time came.” It was the right time for the exact truth to be revealed. Not a second too early or a second too late. The right time. When we receive a directive from Holy Spirit we better run to the task He has set before us.   Patrick Cochenour

John preached of baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. How do we in our current social climate regularly talk to people about sin?Not only don’t people consider sin to be sin any more, but are proud and encouraged to be “free” to live in sin, not even realizing how entangled and deceived they are.  And if you mentioned sin, you are considered “judgmental”, ” closed-minded”.  I understand Satan’s ultimate ploy here, I just don’t know how to get past it other than, staying in someone’s life, and when they need you , they know you’ll be there for them. I understand the importance of prayer here. Vic Tucker

Luke 5 and 6

5:5-8 Peter obeys and calls Jesus master ( an appointed over. ie. commander, teacher. ) Upon seeing His sin condition, and who Jesus really is  he calls Jesus Lord ( Jesus now becomes to Peter supreme in authority ie. God, Lord.) He sees Jesus as YHWH a very personal is the very personal name God choose for Himself to relate to His people. Oh that we would take the time to get to know Him on that personal level of YHWH. Interestingly Peter receives a blessing before his confession of Jesus and repentance of his condition. It is always Gods goodness that brings us there.  Dan Steele

Luke 9 and 10   

Luke 9:23-27 > Do you want to do something big for God in the ministry God has given you. I can tell you in one word: SACRIFICE. Patrick Cochenour


Guest Blogger: Francis Frangipane

(This article is reprinted to my blog with the permission )

For more information on the ministry of Francis Frangipane Click here for his website.

When The Crop Permits  by Francis Frangipane

Certainly, the period prior to Christ’s return will be both difficult and perilous. Scripture warns that God’s voice will shake all things, things in the heavens and things upon the earth. Everything that can be shaken, will be shaken and removed (Heb. 12:27).

Yet, there is more on the calendar of God than increasing judgments and the rapture. There will also be the advance and establishing of God’s kingdom (Dan.2:44; Matt. 24:14; Matt. 13). A spiritually mature people will serve as the vanguard of His kingdom. Before the Lord is glorified in the earth, He shall be glorified in the church (see Isa. 60:1-3; Eph. 5:27). Indeed, the attainment of Christlike maturity in those who pursue the Lord shall not be a mere sidebar on the scroll of end-time events; it will be the main attraction.

Listen carefully to what Jesus taught. He said,

“The kingdom of God is like a man who casts seed upon the soil; and goes to bed at night and gets up by day, and the seed sprouts up and grows how, he himself does not know. The soil produces crops by itself; first the blade, then the head, then the mature grain in the head. But when the crop permits, he immediately puts in the sickle, because the harvest has come” (Mark 4:26-29).

Jesus likened the kingdom of God to a farmer waiting for the maturing of His crops. During the harvest season, farmers are concerned about two primary things: the quantity and quality of the harvest. I live in eastern Iowa. Some corn and soybean fields, which may have started strong, fail or are stunted due to unusually high or low temperatures or lack of rain. As a result, farmers plow under their fields because their crops did not reach maturity. There was no “mature grain in the head.”

Just as the farmer will not harvest without the grain becoming mature, so God is seeking a crop of Christ-followers that have reached spiritual maturity. God is after full stature not just full numbers. Take note: Jesus said, “when the crop permits,” God puts in the sickle. The return of Christ isn’t about a certain “day or hour,” for it is the spiritual stature of the harvest that triggers the great unfolding of end-time events. You see, God is not looking at His watch; He’s looking at His crop.

What does spiritual maturity look like? Recall Paul’s words. He wrote, “We are ready to punish all disobedience, whenever your obedience is complete” (2 Cor. 10:6). What does complete obedience look like? It looks like Christians taking “every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (2 Cor. 10:5). Again, God is looking for Christlikeness to ripen within us as we approach the end of the age. Indeed, our maturing can actually hasten the coming of the day of the Lord (2 Peter 3:12).

“Man…in the image of God” is the seed-idea purposed by the Almighty from before time began (Gen. 1:27). It does not in any way mean we think we are gods or that we take Christ’s place; it means Christ has truly taken our place (Gal 2:20). The original plan was for man to be conformed to Christ. This is what the “mature head in the grain” looks like: mature Christlikeness.

For too long we have assumed that only the numeric size of the harvest was the focus of the Father. Certainly, the number of people saved is pivotal: “the fullness of the gentiles” must come into the kingdom (Rom. 11:25). However, the Almighty does not just want numbers; He wants spiritual maturity.

Thus, the Lord is not looking at a calendar thinking, “Oh, it’s the year 2011 (or 2020, etc.). I have to destroy the world on that date.” No. A farmer does not reap his crops without first walking his fields, holding samples of the grain, and studying the moisture and integrity of the seed head before he begins his harvest. Again, the maturity of the crop determines the day of the harvest.

So many Christians are frozen in spiritual immaturity. They are easily offended, often distracted and without prayer or spiritual discipline. We think God is requiring of us simply to hang on, yet the Lord is looking for more. Paul says the goal of God in the church is that “we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ” (Eph. 4:13).

Even now, believers around the world are becoming increasingly more Christlike. They live in India and China, Africa and South America, Europe and North America, and places beyond. Yes, they are comparatively a little flock, yet “with unveiled face,” they are “beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord” and “are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory” (2 Cor. 3:18). When this crop permits, the Father shall put in His sickle for the harvest has come.

Let’s pray: Lord Jesus, as You continue looking for spiritual completeness in the harvest, help me to grow to full stature, that I may truly represent a planting which has grown up into Your likeness.

(Nate’s Comment: Great word from God!  We have great hope of a great harvest.)  What do you think?  Leave a comment. thanks.

Guest Blogger responds to “Integrity of Heart” Post

The following response was written by my friend Pastor K.C. Richey:  I asked him if I could feature it as it has really got me thinking:

Your recent blog post caused me think… If I may, I hope you will permit me to write using the pen of an imaginary pastor or missionary serving the Lord at First Assembly in Scooterville, Anywheristan. Be forewarned, this is some very dark stuff. Also, note that my imaginary pastor is indeed imaginary and there is no intent whatsoever that his comments be thought to come from any known particular minister. But… we must ask ourselves, “Does this guy exist?” He may be more present in our ministerial gatherings than any of us are willing to admit. And… if he is real, then what should be our response? With this disclaimer in place: Read on.

Your blog contains some very good points. However, if I were completely honest, I would have to admit that somewhere long ago, this list became unattainable. Over the years, what began as the good fight, is going to finish as an ugly fight. The great Apostle Paul, wrote, “I’ve fought the good fight.” I wish that I could look forward to those words being spoken at my eulogy. But, for now, I just fight. Clean if I can; ugly if I must. But… I fight. For what? That’s a good question.

Someplace, in some forgotten time, the fight became one not for integrity, but between choosing to surrender, or to fight for survival one more day. The lofty ideals set forth in your blog became unreachable… unattainable, somewhere between the constant battle just to be able to breath and the heartbreaking thought that I might as well surrender to the waves.

These two things, I think, are the two greatest temptations. Oh, yes, there is the temptation to sin… to give in to the lusts of the flesh. But… even if one does keep themselves from carnality, that does not, cannot, will not keep me immune from the two greater darknesses. Survival. Instinctual, guttural, bloody survival. And… Surrender… the sad, tearful admission that you are not up to the task, you have failed. There is not, and never will be, victory, so you might as well surrender.

Survival is a nasty business. One cannot worry about fairness. Ideals of honesty and faith have no place here. One cannot fret about feelings. Survival is defeating your adversary. It stinks of raw blood. It is the feeling of the slime of guts dripping from your fingers. It is having your heart of flesh ripped from your chest and replaced with an artificial heart that is incapable of feeling anything at all. For me… it is about paying the bills. It’s about doctors and schools and life. It is about making it one more day. It is about killing. It is making sure that those who have tried to kill you never get another chance.

Survival in the ministry is about toughness. A gentle pastor gets nothing and goes nowhere. We have seen it over and over again. Those ministers with the biggest paychecks have a pile of bodies that they have climbed upon in their pursuit to the top. Survival is a zero sum game. Both opponents cannot win. One must loose. So be it. You say that ministry is not business, but you are so very wrong. Survival in the ministry is the business of the ministry. The techniques include abuse and manipulation. It includes dishonesty and favoritism. Any pastor that even dreams of retiring to the house on the lake, can forget it if he be unwilling to check his integrity at the door. Even within the hallowed walls of the local church, Pastors that are unwilling to “burn” a few, will not survive. If you are not willing to burn a deacon if necessary, know that they will burn you. Know that if you are not willing to burn a family when required, the same will burn you… or your spouse… or your kids.

Surrender on the other hand is about exhaustion. It is giving in while you still have a little bit of life remaining. Surrender is trusting that God will judge your heart and not your actions. Surrender means that you get to eat another day. Surrender is being willing to finally wake up and realize that the blessing and security that comes with a decent paycheck has passed you by and will never be a reality.

Recently, I read an article about an Iranian pastor who, if he does not recant, will be put to death. I began to question this… God knows his heart. If God does not save us by what we say, but rather by the intent of the heart, then say what ever they want you to say. At least you get to live. God would know that this pastor didn’t mean it in his heart of hearts. God would not judge insincere words renouncing faith in Christ anymore than he would acknowledge insincere words proclaiming faith in Christ. Surrender… stupid. Just surrender. God will understand.

The Ministry Reality Hall of Fame is filled with honorable men. (This part is not imaginary… these guys and events are real, but I have changed the names and locations for obvious reasons.) Brother T.J. Fleming fought the good fight until the AG in Whistle Hollow just about destroyed him. Why? Because he took a public stand against immorality in his city and his picture ended up on the front page of the local paper. One of my closest friends, Methodist Pastor Rob Smickle was gone from the pulpit for 18 months because his “church” went to the Superintendent and demanded that Bro. Smickle be replaced because… are you ready…. Because it became necessary for Rob to preach from a motorized chair due to the ravages of diabetes. Your list doesn’t do Rob any good when he can’t make his house payment. Could you go 18 months without a paycheck? They didn’t want for their pastor to be confined to a wheel chair. My cousin, Rev. V. Samuel Richey was run out of town – Woodview, Indiana – because he was not “spirit-filled” enough for his Methodist congregation. He was driven to thoughts of suicide during this time in his life. Would he not have been better off to surrender and just fake it? Just do the Pentecostal Two Step. Lord knows most of us Pentecostal Preachers can’t tell the difference between the legit and the phony. Certainly, my uncle’s congregation wouldn’t have known the difference.

We minister within a system where one cannot fail. One cannot fall. Failure is forever and falling is final. There is nowhere to turn. One must keep trudging on… surviving another day, or surrendering. However, the one thing you can never do is fall. Survivors get plaques and letters of recommendation. Survivors finish in walnut paneled offices on the bay. Those that surrender, on the other hand, are simply the stools upon whom the survivors place their Bostonian clad feet. They, those that surrender, are needed for the show. But… those that fail… those that fall… they are the reprobate souls that must be denied breath. They must be snuffed out, discarded and buried. For, if one is allowed to fail, then it means that anyone of us might fail as well. And the appearance of that can never be allowed. It is always better to surrender than to fail. At least, then, you will be allowed tickets to the show.

This brings me to the point about having someone to talk to… are you serious? After years of not being able to sleep… of laying awake night after night, tossing, turning, and trying to figure out how to keep it all together just one more day… You honestly believe that anyone is going to admit that they are hitting the Rx bottle a little more than they should? You want Rev. V. Samuel Richey to admit that he thinks death is better than life? The last thing in the world any pastor can do is “talk”. Talking is a career killer.

Alas, I wish that I could tend to the list contained in your blog; but I cannot. I am too busy choosing between surviving and surrendering.

Epilogue: Nate, trust me, I am not this man… at least not very often. But, there are moments, and my guess is that we all have those moments when choosing between fighting ugly, or just giving up and surrendering seems our only option. I tried to write from the heart of a man that I believe is out there… hurting. He wants to live up to the ideal, but finds it impossible. I am confident that he is in our meetings… he lives in our councils.

Quotes From Rich McLane

Rich and Lori McLane were with us this weekend.  They are missionaries to Poland and great friends. He spoke an amazing message. You can listen to it on our website at Compelled Church. Here is their site..McLanes’s Enduring Harvest.

“We must seize God-ordained opportunities when he reveals them.”

“When Jesus is in control the impossible becomes an opportunity.”

“Don’t let the things you can’t do keep you from doing what you can.”

“If you wait for perfect conditions to seize an opportunity you will wait till you die.”

“If you want to seize God-ordained opportunities, you have to live in prayer mode.

Awesome message. The stories he told to magnify these points were moving and vivid. Check out the message. Compelled Church was sure blessed and so was Wendy and I!

Rick makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me thankful.

We were all deeply moved today by Pastor Rick’s devotion in our staff meeting.  It was the best Good Friday Service I have ever been in!  We were all in tears as Pastor Rick shared what the accomplishment of the cross meant to him and the implications to “It is Finished” to his life.  The power of Christ is amazing.  Thank you Rick for sharing your heart, passion, and gratefulness to Christ for your salvation.  Thanks for breakfast and making me laugh so hard too.  Thanks for being you and “doing what you do>”

Passion Week:

Sun. –   Jesus hijacked a donkey.

Mon. – Cleansed the temple. Healed the sick.

Tue. –    Taught for the last time in the temple.  Judas decides to betray Jesus.

Wed –    Quiet day.

Thurs.-  Passover preparations.  The  Last supper with the disciples.  The prayer for the Garden Gethsemane. Jesus was arrested, beaten, and mocked.

Fri.          Jesus is Crucified.

John 19:28-29    “it is finished” His work on the cross was done

                                “He gave up His Spirit” – It was his choice to die, “HE” gave his spirit it was not taken in death

Q. What does this mean to us?

-for me personally:

– Free from the bondage of Drugs, Hate, and Bitterness and despair

– it is finished means that when I called out as I laid bleeding from a stab wound at the age of 18 He responded and saved my life

– it gave me the opportunity to pray and completely surrender my life in the basement of my aunt’s house, and he responded to me with new life.

-” It is finished” did not just give me the opportunity to be saved but it also invited me into a lifelong partnership in full time ministry.

-with all of my dysfunction “it is finished”  Gave me a solid wife that I did not deserve.

– it broke the curse allowing my children to grow up in a home with a Daddy instead of that broken home I experienced.

-” it is finished” gives me a future that says when all else’s fails I still have HIM.

What does it mean for you?

Pastor Rick Flood, is the Associate Pastor and Worship Ministries Director of Compelled Church. this is his 14th year of faithfully serving me and this church body. He has been married to Beth for 13 years and have 3 kids, Elijah, Ethan, and Bryne.  Read more of Rick Flood at his Blog here.

Powerful quotes from Pastor Matt Ray’s Message

Pastor Matt and Kelly Ray were our Guests at Compelled Church this weekend. They kicked off our missional month, as they are a product of church planting. Matt was saved here, discipled here, and trained here.  He preached an amazing message.  Here are some quotes:

“You are called to take over the world.”   “Pay close attention to the dreams of your heart, they were put there by Jesus.”     “Light is more clearly seen in the darkness.”    “God loves to do supernatural things with ordinary people.”    “We have to live intentional as we are called to live missional.”  We have been appointed to overthrow the enemy, the darkness.”  Your life is not insignificant.  God has put you where you are for a reason, for Jesus.”  Pray God will fill all your good ideas..He gave them to you.”  “When we work for him, we need to remember that Jesus is with us.”  I am proud of Matt and Kelly and what God is doing through them and the team of David Barringer at Kalamazoo First!

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