Live Compelled Podcast featuring Wendy Elarton

Man, some words of wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration of this first full episode of our podcast.

Please listen, subscribe and also share. This episode will really encourage your inner life and it’s effect on your visible life.


2 thoughts on “Live Compelled Podcast featuring Wendy Elarton

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  1. Hi Again: I was moving pages & got today’s Church message on “Prayer” It was Great for The Lord and Everyone one. I thot. Of topics I need to add to my Praying~ Thanks So Much! I still don’t know what Podcast means? Wish I could get Wendy’s message.
    God Continue to Lead & Guide You in These Times! Love Ya’s Jean

    Sent from Jean Watson

  2. Got this & wants Podcast for me to sign up????? I’ll have to ask Marisa, not able to do a lot of the late stuff or want to get involved. Jean

    Sent from Jean Watson

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