Dog Poo and Prayer

So I love my kids so much. This week they are ministering at camp this week so we are watching their dog. All my kids have super sweet dogs, this is Abby and Justin’s dog. We love their dog. Her name is Ethel. Anyhow, Sunday morning, I run out to the woodcarving studio, to get my journal, as I pray and spend time with Jesus there. I grab it and head to Compelled for prayer before the services. We don’t have a dog so I gave no attention to the grass where I was walking.

We had a great 9 am service with prophetic word that was a catalyst to a powerful prayer time. I knelt at the altar and really had a close prayer time with the Lord and many of the Compelled Family that came forward to prayer. I stand up and back up to the front row with my wife Wendy and she giggles in my ear that my boot on the bottom is packed with dog poo. Sure enough, I look and it’s packed thick in the tread. So as I talked with Jesus on my knees everyone could see the bottom of my boots, and the dog poo. I felt stupid a bit then I too laughed.

So I stood there through the last song and realized, that no matter what’s on us, no matter how revolting, we can come to God and talk with Him. He welcomes all to come. No matter what shape we are in, what we have done, or what is smeared into our boot treads, or the boot treads of life, God never rejects anyone seeking Him.

I’ll be more careful in the yard on Sunday mornings. I am thankful for a little truth and theology, in an embarrassing moment.

Pastor Nate

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  1. The Dog poo story is a riot Laugh! Please send me your Sun. Message Thanks and Have a /Great week with the dogs!! ha! Jean

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