Man Cannot Live by Bread Alone

This weekend we will continue our Lord’s Prayer Series taking the line “Give us this day our daily bread”. Here is the encouragement I wrote for our weekly church Encouragement email.

Hi Compelled Church,

Our “month of Prayer”has been engaging and I pray you have started, continued, and will continue the healthy habits of slowing down to be with Jesus a couple times a day, alone, and with family.

Please come to Thursday Prayer Lectio Divina, live at Bedford or on Zoom . Here is the zoom link for Thursday at noon.

I am reflecting as this month I have been intentionally with Jesus more, of His great love.  Not just that I know it, but that I sense Him and feel His love for me.  There not much greater that that.

You see the Lord is our provider. “Give us this day our daily bread.” Is what we pray in the Lord’s prayer.  That is about more than just bread.  Jesus himself said in Matthew 4.4 that “man can’t live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”  We need more from the Lord than just food.  We are broken, wounded growing up, needy. Some of us have been through great trauma and now we struggle. We struggle with significance, anxiety, insecurity, depression, self-worth, and feeling loved.  Because we struggle, we are not able to receive these  things sometimes or to give them.  so our struggle is handed down to the next generation, or our spouse, neighbors, family, and even our church family.  Our wounds manifest sooner or later in many forms.  Anger, unforgiveness, physical ailments, rage, abuse, withdraw, addictions, control, perfectionism, narcissism, lonliness, depression, lack of self worth, religious.  We hurt those we love, we neglect ourselves, we can’t communicate what we truly feel for others, we suffer in silence, we hijack healthy relationship, we blame others and play the victim over and over.    Jesus doesn’t want us to live there.  He has more for his children. His healing is for you.

God is the great Provider. He gives us what we need.  In him, as we allow the “inner work” of the Spirit to drill down, he heals these wounds as he is a “wounded healer”. We don’t have to repeat and live in the pain of our past and the limps inflicted on us in childhood.

Jesus heals us.  We all want to pray for everyone’s physical healing, but we need healed from so much more than physical infirmities.  We need healed from the brokenness and pain we have encountered in the sometimes cruel world, at the hands of others.  When we begin to let the great healer into the broken rooms of our heart, his Love, and all that communicates to us, begins a deep work of wholeness.

This weekend  is going to be very heart-felt, honest, and powerful.   Pastor Matt and I will not be holding back. We are both like everyone, wounded healer too.

“Give us for today, all we need”  I need today to  be seen, to be safe, to be soothed, and to be secure, and so does everyone I live with, meet, and know.  Jesus meets them all.

We will be honest and we will have communion together, for in the brokenness of Chrrist we are made “whole”.

See you this weekend, bring your real heart. Take off the masks, let’s be real. Jesus loves you and is pursuing the real you.  His journey to wholeness starts with acknowledging we need that.


Pastor Nate and Pastor Wendy Elarton

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  1. Thank you for this, when I feel I’ve healed from all my childhood and adult wounds, then another door opens to reveal a deeper place that needs more healing. I continue to open my heart to my Redeemer because I know He lives and is the author and finisher of my faith, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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