Compelled Church is 24 years old! It was a great First Easter in Temperance, MI

Twenty-four years ago April 8, 1996 Compelled Church was started.  It was Bedford Christian Community, then. We changed the name when we went multi-site.   We left as youth pastors at Northville Christian Assembly, and with hugs, tears, and holy excitement, we moved to Temperance. That church supported us, and and sent us off well under the leadership of Pastor “O” Buchan and that loving staff.  Hugh Duncan was my overseer and  was the greatest encourager ever!  Thank you Hugh for pouring into Wendy and I, encouraging us, and giving faithfully in so many ways.

What started as a God-given dream in our living room in Livonia with Mike and Pam Hardy, has become an amazing journey of fun and faith! Rick and Beth Flood joined us a year later. What at team, and priceless friends! They are all  still with us.

A lot has happened in that 24 years.  Many people have came to the Lord, leaders raised up, people discipled, children and youth ministered to.  Wendy and I are humbled and blessed at what God has done, and the amazing people he sent to help throughout the years.  What a joy to be imbedded in this community, to raise our kids here, and to live in the same house since the day we arrived.

My wife Wendy has been right there, ministering, raising our kids, giving, and serving. She encouraged me when I was bi-vocational, when I struggled through a Master’s Degree and at every stage of church-planting challenge.  She still encourages me now so much.  My children love the church, and God’s people because this church has been so amazing.  Thank you Wendy for your support, patient love, and pouring into this life’s work as much as I. Thank you Abby, Gabe and Levi for bringing us honor, and sharing your parents with so many people. We are so proud of you all and so thankful for Justin, Nicole, and Macy!

We have raised leaders, pastors, help start other churches, and have another Compelled Church Campus in Holland, Oh.  We have sent over a million to world missions and missionaries,  had 3 building programs, and have seen God lead, provide, protect, and guide us faithfully for 24 years. We have baptized hundreds, we have seen healing, miracles, healed marriages, people set free, and salvations.

The Lord  was there through every challenge, disappointment, and victory.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged, gave, sacrificed, and supported the work of the Lord here in Temperance and Toledo. You are heroes. People know Jesus because of you.

Happy Birthday Compelled Church!  It has been an amazing 24 years.  It has been a joy to lead Pastor this great Church. Whatever God has for the next 24  years for our lives, and the church, we will be faithful, we will be obedient, we will have tenacity!  May we continue to Love God, Love Poeple, and Serve the World Jesus and His Gospel.

Love you All

Compelled Church

Pastor Nate and Wendy Elarton

2 thoughts on “Compelled Church is 24 years old! It was a great First Easter in Temperance, MI

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    I am so proud of you and Wendy.

    Keep up the great work.

    May you have a very special service tomorrow.


    PS This has never happened before but Mechthild told me on Wednesday she wants to share a message this Sunday on Freedom. She was inspired after listening and learning the Hillsong Song Who you say I am: . Pray that God uses her.


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