Five Year Anniversary for Compelled Multi-site Launch

ti and nate.JPGFive years ago we set out on an endeavor to plant another location of Compelled Church. God gave us an amazing site pastor, worship leader, and key volunteers that have stuck in out, worked hard, never quit, and today we are expanding a growing church with life-changing ministries and relationships.

Thank  You Compelled Church for your vision, giving, leading, believing, and most importantly loving the lost, loving our city, loving Jesus, loving the Great Commission and loving being a missional church who will not relent, be satisfied, or sit back and do nothing untill Jesus comes back.

Thank you Pastor Tim and Amanda Rabara.  You have served faithfully, working long hours, sacrificing on levels, no one would completely understand. You have grown a body, you have grown. The fruit of your ministry is exploding, and your Jesus-type leadership continues to bless so many.

Thank You Curtis and Iris Klotz.   Five years of leading us in worship to our King.  Five years of building a team, encouraging musicians and artists. Five years of sacrificial giving of the gifts that have been given to you. You and Iris, are an amazing blessing. We don’t tell you enough how much we love you guys. I am so honored to have you on our Compelled team.

I could go on and on, of faithful volunteers. Families that minister together.  Committed leaders that keep growing, staying missional, staying passionate about our work for our Lord.

Five -years.  This weekend we will celebrate. We will give thanks to the Lord. We will honor those to whom honor is due.

Would you join me at the Holland location Sunday at 11?  Come out and let’s celebrate.

This is only the beginning.

Pastor Nate Elarton

2 thoughts on “Five Year Anniversary for Compelled Multi-site Launch

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  1. What an honor and a blessing to be part of God’s Kingdom expansion on this earth! Jesus, may we experience more of your goodness, glory and grace as you’ve granted us more capacity to impact the world you so love!

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