Wendy and I celebrate 3o years Married January 3!


In 1987 on January 3, Wendy and I, two young kids, called into ministry, excited about life, and in as much love, as we are today, got married in Adrian Michigan.

We met at a Christian Bookstore in Adrian, being introduces by Emmet and Betty Oakes. I was a new believer and picking up a Bible. I went back to look at records and passed a cute blond in the hallway, I politely said, “Excuse me”. My manners impressed her and a few minutes later we were formally introduced. She was 14, I was 17.  Later that year, while attending Bethany Assembly of God in Adrian I saw her again, and knew in my heart, as she beautifully played the flute, that I was falling in love with her. We dated when she was 16 for a few years, as I was away at college for most of them, so on January 3, 1987, we were married in between semesters at college.

We finished Bible College at North Central Bible College in Mpls then we youth pastored in Alpena, Linton, IN and Northville, MI. After tears, trials, and struggles, we finally had our first miracle, a wonderful and amazing daughter, Abigail Lea. We moved to Temperance, to plant a church, had our two boys, Levi, and Gabe, raised our family, got involved in our community, pastored and led Compelled Church and we continue to grow in life and in love together.

We have gone through the seasons of marriage, my young man immaturity, we’ve encountered sadness, tragedy, disappointments, misunderstandings, and the difficult times and the joys of raising babies, toddlers, adolescents, teenagers, and now young adults. We are so proud of our 3 children.   We have learned a lot in these 30 years, about ourselves, our relationship, our children,  and the Lord.

I can say I could not be happier and feel more blessed than I am with my wife and my family. I love Wendy more deeply than I ever thought I could love anyone.  We have been partners in ministry, parenting, best friends, and teammates as we raise our kids, spiritually lead a church, and sometimes battling the enemy attacks.

Three decades of an amazing partner for love and life I have been blessed to live and experience. I consider myself so fortunate and I am grateful to have the privilege and blessing to be married to such an amazing lady, mom, friend, and woman of God.I admire her walk with God. I benefit because her gifts and love as a mom. I learn from her deep spiritual insights and revelation. I have for 30 years and will for decades more!  Happy Anniversary Wendy Lea!

7 thoughts on “Wendy and I celebrate 3o years Married January 3!

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  1. May you be blessed with many more years of love and rich blessings, Nate and Wendy!
    Thank you for modeling a life of love, faith, and joy in the journey!
    Happy Anniversary!
    From your friends, Gary and Sharon

  2. That brings tears to my eyes—if ALL married couples could read and abide by your thoughts and the way both of your hearts are, many marriages could be saved! What a wonderful 30 years—may you have 30 and more years—Love Joyce

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