Addictions and Heroine continues to Kill, we need a Life Challenge Facility in the Toledo Area

I was deeply moved last night. Wendy and I attended the Life Challenge Gala in Livonia, as guests of Jeff and Lori Bonzelaar.  They have started an outreach and referral center here in Toledo, but need a permanent facility.  When Jeff first shared this with me, my heart and spirit resonated.  Toledo is in the middle of  heroine epidemic.  It seems daily a young person dies from overdose here.  Many started taking pain killers in high school from a sports injury. Either way, a generation is literally dying. Jesus Christ did not intend lives to end so soon, or for parents to suffer as their children spiral downward lost in an addiction.

Some may be surprised at my heart for Life Challenge and to see people free.  They may ask why? Can I share with you why I believe in this ministry so much.

  • The obvious need and drug and alcohol, lives are being destroyed, youth are dying.
  • I almost interned at a Teen Challenge during a summer of college.
  • I grew up within the context of addictions, for which I am thankful, Christ spared me.
  • I had a wonderful brother, who was in a teen challenge, left the program early, a couple months later, I did my first funeral, and our broken family had to bury our beloved brother.

I just know the Lord is going to provide a facility. I feel it in my heart.

Would you pray with me for the funds and a facility for a Life Challenge in the Toledo area.  There is a director with a vision, and a local leader Martin Hall, and many that would want to be part of this. A generation needs to be free. The church must respond, destructive addictions are everywhere.  Pray for this miracle to happen soon.

6 thoughts on “Addictions and Heroine continues to Kill, we need a Life Challenge Facility in the Toledo Area

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  1. My assistant lost her 20 year old granddaughter to an overdose on March 1st. 18 days short of her 21st birthday. Shattered lives all around. Heroin. 3rd overdose in Livonia MI that night. I encouraged them to try Teen Challenge/Life Challenge. Met her dealer at a local fast food where she worked with him!! This ministry is so needed.

  2. Well surprised by your close family connections to this dreadful situation. Did not know this before. But I am also willing To do whatever I can to help. The first and Best thing is prayer. Let me know where else I can help. Tomi 🙏

    Best Regards Tomi Byers


  3. I would like to see a response from the Kingdom such as this, too. In some small way, maybe I can help, who knows?

    Like your hat in picture below!

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