Don’t Freak out, The Kingdom Of Jesus is Fine

Hey everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that the Kingdom of God is doing great. Everyone seems to forget that Jesus is pretty stinking powerful. The Kingdom and the church are fine. We need to keep building them. Nothing can stop Jesus from building His church. That’s right…nothing!  Don’t allow fear and worry to overtake your heart. Don’t entertain bitterness or hate towards any group, movement, or person.  Jesus promised us in Matthew 16 that He WILL build His church. Even the the kingdom of death and darkness will not reign over the church of Jesus. Nothing can stop the work of Jesus. Nothing. No person, group, ideology, belief system, or government.  The church and Kingdom of God will not fail, falter, or be stopped from saving and redeeming mankind. People are going to continue to turn to Jesus. They will be forgiven and set free; filled with the Holy Spirit, joy, peace, healing, and courage. We are over-comers and in Christ we have the peace and courage we need to live in the world, but not of it.  We must keep living and proclaiming the love of God to the sinful and lost. To be the light of this world to the darkness. Resist the temptation of the enemy to hate; like what Pastor Dustin talked about on Sunday (Pastor Dustin’s message Link ).  Walk in love and the light of Christ. Keep doing what we are supposed to always be doing: loving God, loving people, and serving the world. Keep talking about Jesus to friends. Invite them to discover the Lord. Keep sharing your faith with joy. Know this verse: “I have said the things to you, that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have tribulation. But take heart, I have overcome the world.”  These are the words of Jesus recorded by John in John 16.33. Expect a great move of Jesus in these last days!

Pastor Nate

4 thoughts on “Don’t Freak out, The Kingdom Of Jesus is Fine

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  1. Even though the world has made unrighteous decisions they are in still need of a Savior and it up to us to sow LOVE because just like you and I we were lost and blind until our eyes became enlightened to the truth. Don’t let your views cause you to have hate against people because of their decisions just hate the decision they made but still love them. GOOD WORD – Pastor Nate

  2. Thank u for this post. I had let Recent events in our country get to me BUT …. God is in control. Thanx again

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