Parenting Teens, Top Ten Mistakes

Parenting Teens, Top Ten Mistakes

This is worth the read. After being a youth pastor for ten years and a lead pastor for 17, I have seen a lot of these. I have also seen the opposite, and some great parenting of students.  The danger I see is when parents allow everything in life to pull them out of connection with their local church.  They graduate disconnected then, and the connection back to a faith community is hard to come by, or they think going to church 1 or twice a month is being connected. Attendance to a church service a couple times a month does not equal a relationship with God.   We, as parents must model a devotion to Christ, His church, and a relationship with  Christ that is growing and exciting.  We must help our students make choices that reflect long term Christian victory.  There is always something else to do other than spiritual things. There is always  other choices, other than devotions, family prayer, Bible studies, youth ministry, weekend gatherings.  Model good choices and that God and serving Him is a priority and your kids will too. If you model anything less than that…they will too.   Read this article and grow as a parent of students with me, as I am growing and wanting to improve.

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