Pharisectomy- Questions from Chapter 2. So are you a Pharisee?

by Peter Haas
by Peter Haas
I love that after each chapter, Peter Haas has written discussion questions and a chapter overview so we get the main points and also get to process them through for application to ur lives. Chapter two has a couple of really good questions. I would like some feed back on the comments to these to help the readers grow in grace and encourage us in the faith.
My quote from the book that I love, “There are no shortcuts to spiritual formation.” (p. 24 #2).

In your opinion, what are some examples of people taking short-cuts to sharing the Gospel?

Looking at your spiritual history, has your tendency been to fall into the grace-driven approach or the legalistic approach? (Please Comment)

Do you feel you are striving a lot when it comes to your relationship with God?

I would also like to hear any comments you have or things the Lord showed you as you read chapter 2. Let the comments begin!! Pastor Nate

2 thoughts on “Pharisectomy- Questions from Chapter 2. So are you a Pharisee?

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  1. Regarding shortcuts to sharing the gospel, I can remember confronting an old high school classmate or two in college with a very abrasive attitude. There was no grace in my speech. It was more about me being right and him being lost, with the punishment being hell. Haas refers to it as “lazy love” or a lack of love later on I think.

    The bullets about the symptoms of legalism described me pretty accurately. When I was first saved, I had all of the key symptoms of a grace driven approach–I was caught up in a bubble of God’s love for at least six weeks straight–it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I remained in the Church (very legalistic) that I was saved in and starting conforming to what was taught to me there and returning to the unspoken laws of my upbringing (although allegedly not spiritual, they were extremely legalistic) without realizing it, in just a few short months, my new found love for God was compromised and influenced by my fear of man and desire for people’s acceptance and approval. I’m kind of surprised that wasn’t number one on the key symptoms list for the pharisaical approach.

    Since then, God has been taking me the long way, through the wilderness with glimpses of the Promised land. Crazy thing is, I was already there when I became I child of God. I find that getting back to that place of child like faith and presence oriented, grace based living is the goal. Operating and living from that place is the only way into victory and the promises of God. It is difficult at times and I’m still learning not to strive and wrestle with God, but to simply be still and operate according to the love He has shown me. Some of the key symptoms of Pharisaism are still evident in my life, but they are fading and their grip is loosening. I like the way Brennan Manning wrote about it. Our job is to take the Pharisee inside us into the presence of Jesus as often as possible so that transformation can occur.

  2. I got a late start and just started this book, but so far I am really enjoying it. I haven’t yet finished chapter 2 but in response to one of your questions. When i first surrendered my life to Christ I wasn’t even attending church regularly. But, I think i was walking more fully in the serving through grace then than after I did begin to attend. The church I was going to taught primarily from a legalistic viewpoint. Everything was about the laws, the do’s and the don’ts, do more, give more. At one point I was even told I wasn’t receiving healing for my back probably because I had hidden sin, or there was some sin in my past that I had not acknowledged and asked forgiveness for yet. I always felt like I just didn’t measure up to someone elses standard of what I “should” be doing. But, I think everyone of us has walked in ways of legalism at some point and may even tetter back at times. In the last several years I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me more and more the depth of Jesus love through grace. In the times, even when I didn’t want to, when God has spoke to my heart to give another grace, it is then that I believe I have grown in a deeper understanding of His love. I agree with Sean that the more we surrender the Pharisee within to Jesus the more He reveals His heart to ours and then and only then can true transformation take place. All of us as Jesus followers should feel freedom to be who God made us to be.

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