Pharisectomy by Peter Haas, Chapter one

ImageI hope you have started reading our summer book for Compelled Church. I love Peter’s writing style. This morning I laughed right out loud while reading and not too many authors get me to do that.  His style I can relate with as his experiences in looking for a church and all the non-biblical kooky things that churches do and our bizarre practices in our little subcultures.  

I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Haas and he has a deep love for the church and for  God’s people to be spiritually healthy. He has a desire to see people saved by the grace of God and to eliminate all legalism from the church so Jesus can be seen.  He pastors Substance church in Minneapolis.  Here is his website Peter Haas Blog

What are your comments on the book so far?

3 thoughts on “Pharisectomy by Peter Haas, Chapter one

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  1. I loved this book. I finished it up on Sunday..but will read again over summer.

    Peter drives home the point of what is really important, …..which is our walk in love and faith with Christ, and love of …and service to others! And to NOT rely on MAN MADE sacraments or beliefs as being a paramount requirement for salvation and service to out lord. While not wanting to get too far ahead of others who are reading the book…a main point that I took away from my first read of this book is in chapter 2 regarding Grace Driven Approach to Gods Laws, and the tendency to “pick up burdens” that God never intended for us to carry.

    ….. We are not saved BY good works, we are saved FOR good works.

    God bless

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