Are you an “Average” Christian? Don’t be!

Are you an “average” Christian?  Is being average good or bad?  Does God grade on a curve so being average is acceptable an/or praiseworthy.  Here is my nonscientific, understanding of an average Christian int he 21st century. This comes from my education, experience, and observations after being in ministry 25 years.

An Average Christian in 21 century America….

  • They are saved, as we are saved by faith, not works, so we don’t boast.
  • Does not tithe or give regularly.
  • Attends their church about 2 times a month.(some say 1 time a month is being faithful!)
  • Is semi-involved in the life of their church and community.
  • Almost never invites someone or has led someone to Christ for salvation.
  • Most likely-is not in a small group to grow in faith, and does not attend mid-week.
  • Reads their Bible a couple times a week and prayes a couple minutes a day.
  • Never fasts. 
  • Is not involved in ministry on a consistent basis.

God has called us to follow him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and might.  This definitely is a clarion call to go further, higher, and deeper than just the “average” American 21st century Christian.  I believe we are being robbed, as being average, moves us toward complacency, and even apatheticness to the mission of Christ, the church, and our lives.  Jesus has more for us, but settling for average will never get us to more. Don’t be average but be above the norm.  Do what God wants in your life. Obey Him with all of your heart. Step up on the personal disciplines that bring spiritual formation and transformation into being more like Christ. Move forward!  Desire more! You will never regret it. Imagea

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  1. Thank you for your heart and leadership in all areas Pastor Nate. The Lord is answering your prayer no doubt as he directs all of us to step it up. When the Lord first started speaking to me about this, I was like, great, another thing I’m not doing well. But that wasn’t his heart at all. As I listened to what He was saying to me, it involved correction, promise, and love. The thing that is really easy to forget for some of us is that God isn’t asking us or commanding us to do anything that is not in our best interest. We often fail to trust God about that stuff, the stuff that matters most to us.

    You mentioned a term in a conversation I had with you not so long ago…self-preservation. That word has stuck with me and you are right, it’s something else how much are attempt to preserve and protect what we feel is important to us, even believing that it’s necessary for our survival, causes us to stay in the same place, cycling through the same problems, asking the same questions about why certain issues exist. Thank you for being a pastor who seeks excellence in the way that the Father does, yet still has the ability to lead in a way that doesn’t come across in a performance based message. I am encouraged today and appreciate the message this weekend as well as the exhortation, challenge, and call to rise up higher.

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