Some things Father spoke this week

Here are some things Father has been speaking to me during this week of prayer and fasting.

I am pretty excited over the participation this week of prayer and fasting.  Dozens of people participated every day in our 3 prayer times, each day.  I know more people have fasted then ever before and many people for the very first time.  I am amazed at how many fasted for the five days.  I go Sunday to Sunday, and am looking forward to eating tomorrow after church but I am also enjoying the benefits of Fasting and prayer.  I wake up every morning at 5:30 totally naturally and have spent some serious time with Father this week.  He has done a lot, some can be put into words, and some things cannot.  I want to share a few things, but many things I cannot.  Here are a few for me.

  • He reminded me of us overwhelming love and grace on my life (sounds basic, but is critical).
  • A thankfulness for my salvation, my life, my church, my family, my journey.
  • Father said he was going to impart to me more of his compassion this year.
  • In our 17th year of ministry since planting the church, He said this was going to be a year of depth and harvest.
  • I must give greater time preparing for my speaking ministry in the Word, in prayer, in study, and in solitude.
  • I need to be more of a “Mary” and not a “Martha” so I can give attention to my speaking ministry.
  • I am to finish my discipleship book.
  • We are to press forward in faith for the Toledo Campus. He will grow it and provide the finances needed.
  • Raise up and bless more leaders.
  • Pour into my family and not put in so many hours in the church (there is more, but no to share). Lots of things.
  • Speak my convictions clearer with authority.  You’ll be hearing details on this.
  • Keep a prayer element on Wednesdays, gatherings.  The more the body prayers for each other, the more they will care for each other.
  • Keep woodcarving and don’t feel guilty about enjoying this, as the Lord gave me this for “wholeness”.
  • I am to Believe God for greater things, and not “shelf” my dreams when I wrestle with fear or doubt.
  • Many things about my leadership, Compelled, certain ministries,  and even people I am to target to raise into leaders.
  • Be more thankful and keep my eyes on what Father is doing. There is more He is doing, and I am missing it, as I am thinking down the road often, and don’t see the joy of the present.
  • Trusting Him “Issues”.

What has God been sharing with you during the week of fasting and prayer?  Please comment. It feeds my soul!!!

3 thoughts on “Some things Father spoke this week

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  1. Awesome! I am encouraged by ALL of this stuff! Go for it! So cool! Love the clarity and liberty he is giving you and directing you with. Love ALL if it– Thanks for sharing PN!

  2. Appreciate all your thoughts and what God showed you this week, had to read twice to catch all of it…very very encouraging

    One thing the Lord really reminded me of this week when I had moments of struggling with the fast esp. @ work was that “I am with you alway” , when I got my focus off of me and physical things everything was much easier, I tend to try and do things “my way” but the Lord really reminded me “it’s not your way, not about you, not about your needs, it’s about ME ” ,

    I heard from God to have more listen time with Him “Be still and know that I am God ”

    I heard from God to let go even more and let God ……….

    I truly enjoyed the many quiet worship and prayer times at church, it was a great time of refreshment for me, God spoke many things to me through His word
    I was reminded of all His many blessings big and small to be thankful for, He showed me this verse Psalm 65:11 “You crown the year with Your goodness ” , how timely was this verse being given in January , led to more praise and thankfulness

    Wednesday at church the service was so powerful and the power of God was all over CC , I want more of that , in my heart I believe Wed was like it was because many have been praying , God has called to pray more for our church and leaders,

    I want to be sensitive and open to where God wants me daily and open to His plans for me and not what I want

    there really is so much more but will stop here these are the major highlights for me,
    this has been a great week and I am refreshed, renewed , reawakened (not sure this is a word but it is now ),equipped and ready, thanks for encouraging our church to this week of fasting it has been amazing , excited to see more
    Judy Perkins

  3. My deepest desire is to be a vessel unto Him. I want to hear His voice and what He would have for me. I struggled with that since leaving the other church. I was stifled and discouraged so I gave up trying. I loved to write songs and poetry. I would write on the things of God. It’s been almost a year…..this week…..I put the pen to paper! HALLELUJAH ! (Hearing God speak)

    I went up for healing in my body Wednesday night. I have a condition (malignant labile hypertension and heart arrhythmias ) the heart doctor sent me to AnnArbor for extensive body scans looking for endocrine tumors.(carcinoid and pheochromocytoma) Months of testing not knowing why they couldn’t control my BP. I finally said enough.” I’ll take the hand God deals me.” I lived in fear of death and stroke. I have a peace that surpasses all understanding! I felt a warmth enfolding me at the alter Wednesday night. On the drive home I sobbed my heart out. I understand now what was happening. All week I have not checked my BP. I have been symptom free since. That is HUGE for me! I claim my healing and Praise God for it!!!!

    This has been a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING!

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