Fasting and Prayer, Day 1

So here is the first day of fasting and prayer.  If you are fasting, make sure to drink plenty of water, and/or juices if you are taking juice. Remember there are no “rules” or religious legalism.  Also, remember the heart of fasting is to seek the Lord, and draw closer to Him.  There is instant coffee, fast food, instant potatoes, but no instant God.  Take time to seek Him, wait on Him, be in the Word, and worship Jesus.  Here is the target and focus for Monday.

MONDAY–Personal Revival and for Spiritual Awakening
Let us lift up our hearts with our hands to the Lord in the heaven Lamentations 3:41
Bible reading on fasting: Isaiah 58:3-7
Bible reading on prayer: Jeremiah 29:12-14

 A personal spiritual awakening and revival.
 Your family to become saved, spiritually sensitive, and desire more of the Lord.
 Compelled Church Bedford and Toledo Campus’. That we would desire God, hunger for more of Him.
 Pray that a spiritual awakening and revival would give us all a heart for the lost.
 Pray an awakening would call young people and adults to full-time ministry.
 Pray for those who are saved, but not on fire for Jesus, that the fire would reignite with power!
 Pray for prodigals to return to serving the Lord
 Pray that the presence of God would continue to drench our gathering times
 Pray for revival in the Toledo area
 Pray for the awareness and repentance of Sin

 Paul Clark – Church Planting in Germany
 Ruth Clark – Children’s Ministry in the Philippines

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