UNITE Report from Pastor Tom Broyles, Student Ministries Pastor

Here is the report from the UNITE at Bedford High School Last night. This is written by our youth pastor, Tom Broyles.

Last night we had an amazing night over at the high school.  I’ve been told the room holds in the ballpark of 600 and we had it almost filled.  The churches who I know came were: Bridgepoint, Bedford Alliance, Crossroads, Bedford Nazarene, Mount Carmel, Younglife, and Lighthouse.  It was such a blessing to see the room packed full of teenagers worshiping Jesus, listening to a challenging message, and responding during the altar call.  Brian Pruitt did an amazing job as always.  He spoke on how we all need 3 things: A Cause, A Calling, and A Challenge.  This year we made it a point to do a strong push for 1st time salvations during the first altar call and we had dozens come forward.  The youth pastors then took them out in the hall and connected with them in groups, prayed with them, and answered questions.  Each church walked away with contact cards for first time salvations…praise God! 

Once again this event left everyone wanting more and excited about doing another year.  I had students asking already if we were going to get to do it again next year.  It’s great to have something of this quality that continues to gain momentum.  Our volunteer staff did a great job of connecting with students and helping out as needed.  Dustin, Nick, and Justin were a huge help.  And if you know Robert Perkins and see him please thank him and encourage him…he brought his professional light package for us last night worth thousands of dollars and set it up, programmed it, and ran it for free.  That’s his business and he’d normally get hundreds for that but he donated it for us.  What a blessing!  

Here is Everfree’s Website and links.   Thanks Tom and Jen Broyles and the whole Everfree Team!

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  1. Thank you pastor Tom and Compelled Church for caring enough to reach out to the youth in our area. I am so blessed by your love and dedication to young people. Yours Grateful Gramma

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