The Necessity of Revelation

Wednesday night I am going to teach a Bible Series on “revelation”.  This is not the book of Revelation, but how God “reveals” His truth and word to us.  I know there are a lot of “revelation” that Christians speak forth. Some are amazing, some are  biblical insight, some revelation is just wacked out.  But I DO Believe we need revelation.  It is a necessity for the believer. We need more revelation from God. We need insight, understanding, direction, in every that God has provided it.  It is my opinion the average Christian does not think much about the revealing power and nature of God! We need to or we will not grow, not be passionate, not be filled, not hear the voice and direction of God. We need more and fresh revelation in many ways.  Here are some topics I will be teaching.

  • What is true Revelation?
  • Can we have extra-biblical revelation?
  • Who judges incorrect, unbiblical, and false revelation?
  •   Ways to  receive more revelation?
  • What is the difference between general, corporate, and specific revelation?
  • Ten  Block to  fresh revelation.

We being Wednesday, August 8th at 6:30 pm. Bring your Bible, Notebook and be ready to receive revelation and insight from the Lord.


5 thoughts on “The Necessity of Revelation

    1. I am writing from my own thoughts and using a few theology books. I will always be using A few books, Dallas Willard, Wayne Grudem, and my own studying.

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