Wendy’s Five Things to do to Strengthen Your Marriage

Here are a few suggestions from my amazing wife on was to strengthen your marriage.  check out her Blog here: Wendy’s Blog

1. Spend quality time together – Take time for each other.  This means without the kids and distractions of life.  Make this a priority!

2. Pray for your spouse – Praying for your spouse not only benefits him/her spiritually, but will also do a lot in the heart of the prayer.  It will soften  your heart, give you Godly patience and increase your love.

3. Talk about dreams and goals for life – One thing that couples too often neglect is talking deeper than “we are out of milk” and “the baby is crying again.”.  Communication has to go deeper and with that your love and committment to each other as well as the reality of closeness.

4. Pray together – When a couple approaches God together,  it is powerfully unifying. It doesn’t have to be long, and any little bit is special.

5. Call each other and write love notes – Communication is so key in a relationship and communicating our feelings for each other can do so much to strengthen a relationship.  If you have not done this lately today is a great day to start.


3 thoughts on “Wendy’s Five Things to do to Strengthen Your Marriage

  1. Right on Wendy! This is such an important topic for married couples…And for couples that our thinking about marriage. Praying daily for you and Nate as you proceed in Leadership.

    In His Love ,
    Carol Merilla

  2. i have just recently been leaving little notes in troys lunch box…cant believe how much he has loved this!!!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement and wisdom Wendy…reminders are VERY necessary for me. We love and appreciate you guys and your leadership.

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