My prayers this morning for Bedford, Toledo, Compelled Church, and more.

My prayer time is plastered today with these prayers.

  • Open the eyes of our heart God. Open the eyes of your people wider and more compassionately than ever. May they see your work and participate with your redemptive plan for every individual.
  • Holy Spirit, move in Bedford, move in Toledo.
  • Draw the lost to Jesus.  Help us be salty salt, and blazing light for you Jesus.
  • Give us a purity and despise for sin.
  • Open the windows of your creative power and give us Holy Spirit inspired creativity to impact lives and change eternities.
  • Refresh the weary, those confused, the struggling.
  • Comfort those grieving and missing their loved ones. Help my family Lord.
  • Comfort those who have lost moms as Mother’s Day approaches.
  • Call our young people to full time ministry and missions, and let them hear your voice and the distractions of this world will not drown out your divine call.
  • Keep Compelled Church in the beautiful and powerful unity we enjoy so we can keep focusing on Jesus, his life, Spirit, and mission.
  • Father, bless the volunteers that make your church amazing.
  • Strengthen my pastors Lord.  Enrich their marriages, watch over their children, and bless them immensely as they labor, sacrifice, and carry burdens. Refresh them Father.
  • Help us to see the eternal and not be ruled by the temporal.  Give us discernment to know and prioritize correctly each.
  • Lord, I would love you to keep showing yourself as the Messiah through healings, salvations, and restorations.
  • Heal my cousin of cancer Lord, protect her children, bless her sister.
  • Father, cause your people to have a hunger for more of you, your Word, your Ways, your voice, your Spirit, your mission, and your will.  Give great motivation.
  • Help us Lord not be distracted by self.  Don’t let our feelings, our moods, our needs, prevent us from being used by your Spirit to touch people.
  • I pray we would stay people of encouragement. Keep us from criticalness, cynicism, discouragement, and speech filled with doubt.
  • I pray we would worship you in a deeper way then individuals have ever experienced before.
  • give those in difficult situations of life, perseverance Lord, so they do not wander from the Truth, wonder from you and your ways.
  • Encourage my friends in full time ministry Lord.  Help them as they battle the forces of hell in their communities.  Give them supernatural wisdom and insight for every complicated situation.  Grant to them Father insight for decisions, power for ministry, brokeness for motivation, and the refreshment of your Spirit. Help us not be so busy with so much that we cannot enjoy you personally.  Give them unity with their boards, staff, leadership and may they be treated with the honor that you desire.  Pour your Holy Spirit out on them, protect their marriages, and guide their children.
  • I pray we would sow in tears, tears of labor, sacrifice, and intercession, and reap in joy, laughter, and fulfillment of your purposes.

My prayers this morning, in the name of love, mercy, and Jesus.

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