“Courageous” and Rev. Tim Delina

We packed out the house out at the Temperance Campus for the “Courageous” moving Saturday night.  We put up  a couple extra rows.  It was great to see new faces.  The movie was powerful. I had not seen it before Saturday night. I sat in the back row and Wendy and I kept sharing the kleenex. It was a very moving movie.  AFter the movie, at the closing, I called all the men and young men forward for prayer. Man the Spirit of God was working deeply.

Sunday we started the “Forty Days in the Word.”  We will be launching the small groups in 2 weeks. It is going to be a great 6 weeks.

Next week Rev. Tim Delina will be our guest.  Tim will speak at our men’s breakfast, then Saturday night and Sunday morning.  He will speak a different message Saturday and on Sunday.  This guy is a personal friend and a powerful man of God.  He is one of my favorite speakers.  After planting an amazing church in Highland park, Revival Tabernacle, and pastoring that great church for years, He is now at the Brooklyn Tabernacle with Pastor Jim Cymbala.  Make sure to make these services, and be ready for the Lord to move in your life.

I’ll be out of service for a few weeks for a surgery tomorrow on 3 herniated discs, and bone spurs. Pray for a speedy recovery.

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