My New Year’s Resolutions for You.

As I said, I wanted to post resolutions for Compelled Church.  This list is more of my prayer for us than anything, but I want to communicate them. If you are not part of CC, many of these will still apply to you, and your church.  Please know I am not implying these things are not happening, or we are failing, but my heart is that we keep growing in these areas.

  1. This year I am going to be more dependent on God than ever before. God help our church grow in dependence, which means we must grow in prayer.
  2. Growing Faith.  God please give us greater faith and may our mouths not speak doubt, destruction, despair, and unbelief.
  3. Burden and passion to reach lost people.  Father give CC the greatest heart for those not saved yet.  Help us reach people with your good news, to love the where they are at, and to become their friends, mentors, faith coaches. May we give our time for the lost and not just our money.
  4. No tolerance for sin.  May compromise, sin, and disobedience not enter our camp.
  5. Marriages. God help marriages to be caring, loving, serving, and growing.  Keep the enemy from breaking the bond between husband and wife.  Keep oneness, connection relationally, sexually, emotionally, and spiritually. Keep the demon of divorce away from your marriages God.
  6. Giving. May we be cheerful givers of our finances.  God I pray people find the joy of giving and the pleasure of giving our best to you, our first 10%, to fund the Kingdom of God.
  7. Purity.  God keep us from impurity and the lies of the enemy.  Keep us sexually pure, and morally above reproach.  May we not be trapped by pornagraphy, inappropriate relationships, or compromise on any moral level!  May we be repelled by verbal, sexual, and moral filith at the movies, on the internet, TV, gaming, or speech.  May we find no pleasure in anything Jesus died for.
  8. Serve. I pray ever CC attender would be  a servant and serve to extend the Kingdom of God.
  9. Support. God, please keep us from critisizing leadership, being negative, but instead, supporting, encouraging, interceding, and becoming solutions to challenges, not deepening them.  Help us protect the unity of the Body.
  10. Worship. I pray we grow in worship as we gather. That our hearts would be filled with gratitude and thanksgiving for who God is, what He has done, and what He is going to do.
  11. Word. That we would love the Word of God more. Study it. Memorize it. Obey it. and walk in it.
  12. Care. Father help us care for each other in every way, whether we know each other personally or not.  Give us attitudes that look for other’s needs before our own.
  13. Sacrificial giving to Missions.  Father, may our generocity flow to missionaries who are taking the Gospel all over the world.  May we participate in every love offering and our monthly Global Outreach Faith Promises. God may we fund the Toledo campus. Bless people finiancially so they can bless the Kingdom.
  14. Grieving. Father, many in the CC family are grieving the home going of people they love dearly.  Help us in our grief to press on.  Comfort those who mourn, and sustain the lonely.

Would you add any other prayers or resolutions?  I love you all. Pastor Nate

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