Don’t lose your first love. A Call to Passionate Love for Christ

This weekend I shared how the Mighty power of God (IS 9.6) was showed in my life at salvation. My life changed forever.  As I close out the year in Bible reading I am in Revelation and Rev. 2 opens with the messages to the 7 churches. The church in Ephesus  has a strong message.  The fault with the church in Ephesus was that they forsaken their “first love.”  Their first love is Jesus.  Jesus said “Remeber the height from which you have fallen! Repent. (Rev. 2.5).  Remember, this does apply to us as individuals, but this message was to a whole church, a local community of believers.  How did they lose their first love?  How do we?

  • We become ungrateful.
  • Worship is trimmed as “unbelievers don’t understand.”  Jesus is not lifted up….we start losing little  by little our first love as we neglect to love corporately.
  • We worry too much about the building instead of the Kingdom.
  • We hunger for church growth instead of love and passion growth for Jesus.
  • Pressures on Spiritual leaders push out passion, wounds from biting sheep hurt, leaders become “aware” of their vulnerability and try to guard that.
  • People “church shop” for what church offers the most for their family instead of the love and passion for Jesus Christ.
  • Life, and trials, try to stiffle our love.
  • Busy church schedules, school demands, families overextend their schedules, and get tired, grouchy, and have little left for passion for Jesus, and the lost.
  • Our desires often began to guide the church instead of His desires.  We plan and ask Jesus to bless our plans instead of us blessing Jesus by seeking His plans, His vision, His ways.
  • The heart of Christ is to reach the lost. When we become inward focused, we disconnect in some ways, and our love for Jesus is compromised.
  • The Scriptures, prayer, and an intimate relationship are neglected and we are lulled into a mediocre Christian life with minimal effort thus minimal fruit and then we fall from our hearts.
  • Our you madly and recklessly in a living, growing, loving relationship with Jesus?  Do you still get choked up because you are saved, forgiven, and free? Does his love and mercy cause you to lift your hands, kneel, sing, laugh, cry, worship, and seek Him?  Do the Scriptures lighten your burdens, or are you burdened with the thought of reading the Holy Writings?  For 2012, make a goal to love Jesus more, to show that by actions, transformation, passion, time, talents and finances, and we you will never have to worry about Jesus saying that we have lost our first love.  Pastors, lead by example.  Let your love flow.  Let the reasons you went into full time pastoral ministry flow with fresh oil again!

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