I need to grow in this area…

I am thinking deeply this morning about thankfulness.  I feel very convicted that I am not more thankful in every way.  I am looking to the Lord this morning to help me increase in a heart of thanksgiving.  So often in our western culture we are trained to think, look for, and speak against things that are wrong.  In the midst of that, we do not see the things that are right.  We can easily be blind to the blessings, and just adopt a critical and negative posture toward everything in life.  I just returned from Haiti. Our church took a team of nine men to do construction on a warehouse for food distribution in the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  I was amazed at the joy of the people of Haiti.  I stood stunned in church as they raised their hearts, hands, and voices in thanksgiving to the Lord.  They are authentically thankful and yet they possess of fraction of what the average American has.  This Christmas I desire no material thing. I have everything I need.  The one thing I ask is to be more thankful. Thankful for the gift of eternal life from my Savior Jesus, my kids, my friends, and church family. I have amazing friendships because of Christ.  I am thankful for an amazing wife. We will celebrate 25 years of marriage this new year (January 3). I am thankful for Bedford, and the home it has become to me for the last 15 years. Even if the roads are rough, it is a great place to live and raise our children. I am thankful for our schools, and the teachers my kids have had and will have.  They have all been outstanding.   I have never met anyone who is thankful that is not joyful.  So, as Christmas approaches, let’s  let the joy out, by understanding that we mostly are not overly thankful, but we can be. I am challenged today to be more thankful. Will you take the challenge with me?


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  1. Amen, I will take the clallenge as well. As i read Nicholes blog and she and I talked about conference….Values. There is a whole lot wrapped around that one word. Thankfullness is one of them, plus many others came to mind. Good post on both sites. Lot to sift on those 2 words.

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