Rick makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me thankful.

We were all deeply moved today by Pastor Rick’s devotion in our staff meeting.  It was the best Good Friday Service I have ever been in!  We were all in tears as Pastor Rick shared what the accomplishment of the cross meant to him and the implications to “It is Finished” to his life.  The power of Christ is amazing.  Thank you Rick for sharing your heart, passion, and gratefulness to Christ for your salvation.  Thanks for breakfast and making me laugh so hard too.  Thanks for being you and “doing what you do>”

Passion Week:

Sun. –   Jesus hijacked a donkey.

Mon. – Cleansed the temple. Healed the sick.

Tue. –    Taught for the last time in the temple.  Judas decides to betray Jesus.

Wed –    Quiet day.

Thurs.-  Passover preparations.  The  Last supper with the disciples.  The prayer for the Garden Gethsemane. Jesus was arrested, beaten, and mocked.

Fri.          Jesus is Crucified.

John 19:28-29    “it is finished” His work on the cross was done

                                “He gave up His Spirit” – It was his choice to die, “HE” gave his spirit it was not taken in death

Q. What does this mean to us?

-for me personally:

– Free from the bondage of Drugs, Hate, and Bitterness and despair

– it is finished means that when I called out as I laid bleeding from a stab wound at the age of 18 He responded and saved my life

– it gave me the opportunity to pray and completely surrender my life in the basement of my aunt’s house, and he responded to me with new life.

-” It is finished” did not just give me the opportunity to be saved but it also invited me into a lifelong partnership in full time ministry.

-with all of my dysfunction “it is finished”  Gave me a solid wife that I did not deserve.

– it broke the curse allowing my children to grow up in a home with a Daddy instead of that broken home I experienced.

-” it is finished” gives me a future that says when all else’s fails I still have HIM.

What does it mean for you?

Pastor Rick Flood, is the Associate Pastor and Worship Ministries Director of Compelled Church. this is his 14th year of faithfully serving me and this church body. He has been married to Beth for 13 years and have 3 kids, Elijah, Ethan, and Bryne.  Read more of Rick Flood at his Blog here.


2 thoughts on “Rick makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me thankful.

  1. Wow – Pastor Rick has a way of putting maximum power into minimum words. Thank you Rick, for sharing something so personal and thank you Pastor Nate, for sharing it with the rest of us. Those three words, “It is finished” have taken on a much broader meaning in my own life. God is SO good !

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